Thursday, April 29, 2010



Feijoas trees are like weeds in New Zealand. Just about everyone with a tree/bush in their yard has a feijoa tree.


There are two in the driveway down to the ministry centre, just beyond our front door.


They taste like .... um ... well like feijoas [Fee-Joe-Ahs]. It's also called a pineapple guava and it's from South America originally - though I wonder if it's been here all along as well.

Oceana loves them, so she's thrilled to have trees that are bursting with fruit.


  1. How cool. Ive never heard of them before.

  2. Never even heard of those! I wonder if the fruit would ship well. Ya know, if perhaps you wanted to mail a few of them to oh, say...Texas! :)

  3. too bad you can't get them around here I would love to try them

  4. Oce is a clever girl. Feijoas are the best.

    That first fabulous photo is like TORTURE Susie, because now I want some too! About to open the last jar of vegemite too - thank goodness Nan and Pop are coming soon with a bag full of supplies - but no feijoas :(

  5. Love the pic in the vase!
    and seriously those need to grow like weeds down in Southland. They charge something ridiculous like $7-9 per kilo for them only for their in season months and people go nuts when they see them in stores... Weird people - they pay for kiwifruit here too .. from $1-4 per kilo... who PAYS for those? dont you just pick them up by the side of the road?
    also I think the kids from church would have feijoa fights with all the trees in the yard of our hanlen ave place.