Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Current projects

Someone - of course I don't remember who - asked about my current knitting projects. And since I am definitely not ready to do a sewing tutorial, we'll just do a quick run-down on my current knitting projects to take up some time.

This is an very exciting "I think this might work" pattern. I put two knits together, of different weight and started knitting in an attempt to make myself some slippers for around the house. This is as far as I've gotten. I'm pretty sure this will result in an abandoned project. Eventually I'll use a proper pattern to make myself some nice slippers that don't look like something a dog coughed up ...

This is me using up old yarn that came from who-knows-where. It's extremely itchy wool. It's so itchy I hate touching it. But I saw a cute crocheted toy bucket on a blog the other day, and I thought it would be something to try out. If it works (if it holds its shape at all) I'll use it for little toys. If not, I'm certainly not going to cry.

This is my exciting project. I bought my first sock weight yarn today! And some 2.25mm needles. The smallest I had before were 3.5-3.75mm, I think? (Ok, so I bought them at the thrift store and they weren't marked, so sue me...) I'm working on some basic baby toddler leggings for Naomi. Her last two pairs are waaaaaay too small now. :)

If you're interested in the pattern: Sock weight yarn, on 2.25mm needles. Cast on 50 and k2p2 (knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches) for ever and ever and ever until they are long enough. Bind off. :) If you don't understand the terminology - check out YouTube for videos and how-to's. Oh, I worked them in the round, but you could do them flat and sew up the seam when you finish too, if that's simpler for you.

Easy peazy :)

*** Oh, and I'm from Swedish decent, which I've always been told is to blame for the dark circles under my eyes. While it is time for bed (11pm), I'm not completely out-of-my-mind tired. :) I just rock those dark circles most of the time. *Hmph* The perk is that along with the dark circles, came some naturally skinny legs ... so I don't complain about them too much. :) ***


  1. Thanks for sharing your knitting projects! I think I will have to try to find a slipper pattern.

  2. I really love the color of the toy bucket... hope it works!!

    I've always been kinda curvy but with working out... now my thighs don't fit in my jeans anymore. Curses! Can't win for losing! No skinny legs here... ;)