Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaBloPoMo Official Fail

Oh well. I'm still going to try and post more often. But I've missed another day which puts my count up around 3 now.

There's a lot going on over here and I'm rather amazed that I don't feel any more overwhelmed than I am.

I'll post pictures from the wedding I shot on Sunday, just as soon as the bride and groom have seen them. They didn't take a long honeymoon, so I'm hoping they'll see them tonight, or tomorrow. I had a great time; I just feel bad that Naomi screamed for 3 of the 5 hours I was gone... Poor Matt.

Latest and greatest around here:

Naomi is o.v.e.r. eating pureed foods by the spoonful. Nope. She has never been that baby bird with her mouth stretched on waiting for pureed-gunk - but now she alternates between raspberry-ing her food at me in disgust and clamping her jaw shut. You can only coax and prod so much before you opt for the "other" approach.

Which is......

*drop cloth

*naked baby

*overturned bowl on high chair tray

*leave child to create her own amazing disaster

*eat your dinner in peace every night for a week

*consider spraying down the baby and the highchair with a hose

*instead opt for a lot of wiping and scrubbing. Avocado looks like snot when it tries - for the record.


  1. I used to put the high chair in the shower to clean it. Works like a dream!

  2. Does she eat any of it? My Naomi ate almost no pureed foods but at 9 months we started giving her soft regular food and she got the appetite of a teenager it seemed. Yours can have some small chunks of soft things like avocado. If she's not eating much anyway it can't hurt to give her small chunks of things like avocado, very well cooked carrots... things that will mush simply by being in her mouth. Maybe she'll eat them that way? It's called baby led weaning, I didn't do it but from my daughter's change in eating habits when switching from purees I think I should have.

  3. Ahh yes...
    my younger two went on (what I called) a baby food strike at about 5-6 months of age. They both went to regular table food at that age, just chopped up really tiny or smooshed (squished up peas, mashed banana, etc). I know it's totally against every baby "expert" but it worked for us. :)

  4. my daughter is 3 weeks younger than yours. we are doing this too. i <3 you last comment.