Monday, November 30, 2009

Bouncing Blossom Tutus

No way am I turning this blog into my store - but I wanted you all to know what I'm up to! In an effort to support our family and provide myself a creative outlet I've created Bouncing Blossom Tutus [and Apparel eventually...]. :)

Here's my concept [I'm proud of this one!]. Tutus look like flower. You can call a tutu a princess skirt, a ballerina skirt, or a ballgown - but a flower is what it really looks like! So each color combination has a name!

Tulip - orange, yellow, and bright pink [pictured]
Rose - red and white
Iris - purple, yellow, and white
Pohutukawa - red, white, and green
Hydrangea - turquoise, seafoam green, and purple
Daisy - white and yellow
Peony - bright pink, light pink and purple
Tiger Lily - yellow, orange, and brown
Sweet Pea - light pink and green


Build*A*Bouquet where you choose your own assortment of 2-3 colours.

Available in sizes Newborn, Infant, 1T-2T, and 3T-5T [Email me if you need a different size].

Neat, right?

So, this is the plug, and then I'll leave it to being a sidebar. If you want a tutu, particularly if you want one by Christmas, please contact me via email on bouncingblossom[@]gmail[.]com. :)

Newborn & Infant sizes - $22NZD
1T-2T - $27NZD
3T-5T - $32NZD

Newborn & Infant sizes - $25USD
1T-2T - $30USD
3T-5T - $35USD

To make it easier on myself and on you - the shipping is now included in the price of the tutu. I will ship directly to you, worldwide! If you are outside of NZ or the US, please contact me for appropriate pricing.

I put up my first tutu auction tonight!

And now, back to our regularly programming, where I forget about my blog for days and days at a time and then apologize through multiple pictures of my adorable children. ;)


  1. suz-
    I can't find your e-mail would you pls e-mail me at I would like to place christmas orders!

  2. Those tutus are SOOOO beautiful - hopefully I can buy one for my daughter sometime!!! :)

  3. These are gorgeous!! I am definitely buying one soon for my daughter's 5th birthday in March!!

  4. I told my husband last night that our little girl "needs" one of like her mommy needs to see her in to order sometime after christmas for her birthday in, if only I could decide what color...

    :) Good luck! :)

  5. ADORABLE! I deff want some, not for Christmas but for my daughters birthday... whats the payment method?

  6. Ok, so you already know that I'm a bit tutu obssessed ;) I'll have to come to you as soon as our weather warms up (and I can get back outside for pictures) to place an order. I've been wanting a red one forever...

  7. Oh Susie, they're so adorable and the girls are adorable models for them!

    Mom Sams

  8. These are adorable! How much to ship to Australia??? Also, have you thought about starting an Etsy store?

  9. AAAAAAhhhhh that is soo cute! TOO bad I don't have a little girl anymore that would just love that! I hope it does well for you! LOVE the pics!!

  10. Oh yay - tutu in the mail - I cannot wait to see it, and have some warm tutu wearing weather too! It was minus 26 celsius when we walked to the bus stop yesterday!

    Thanks again Susie - I will send a pic of the happy ballerina/princess!

  11. I love this idea, especially because my girls are both named for flowers. (I have a 3-year-old Iris and a baby Zinnia.) I'll probably buy a couple next summer. :-)