Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'll leave you with this thought

IMG_5038 copy, originally uploaded by mnssams.

I was working hard on a post about photography yesterday. In fact I spent about 3 hours of my Saturday afternoon looking around the internet at what I had learned, blogging about it, linking all over creation and the like.

And then my Mozilla window crashed. Repeatedly. And at 2pm, Mozilla told me they had a saved copy of my last window. But it was the 11:30am version.

So since I don't have another 3 hours to pour into a blog post, I'll just leave you with this photo thought.

Just in case you're wondering, I'm now blogging from Safari. Crappy Mozilla crashing... I liked you Mozilla. But you are NOT allowed to crash on my blog posts. Especially long, involved, special posts.

PS. If you don't know what I'm talking about - Mozilla, Safari, Chrome - don't worry. :)


  1. Have you tried using Live Writer? (

    It is a wonderful blog tool that you can keep local drafts on your computer. I noticed with my blogspot account that it wouldn't upload my pictures. I looked all around and found that if you install the free version of Picasa. For some reason that program on my computer allows me to use Live Writer freely with Blogspot. ( to download it for free).

    Not sure if this is helpful, but I thought I would at least give it a try.

  2. Firefox has been driving me NUTS lately. I used to love it, but after updating to the latest one, it's a disaster. I've just gone back to IE. Sorry you lost all your work. :( Maybe blogger saved it for you?

  3. That is a beautiful photo! You are VERY talented! I hope the computer issue sorts itself out!

  4. I have no idea what any of those are??? I'm confused

  5. I'm sorry to hear that all your hard work was lost. My suggestion would be to write the blog posts on your computer first, then copy and paste them, but that could be a bit annoying for adding images and links.

    April's suggestion sounds promising.

  6. You HAVE to get that photo onto a canvas NOW. This photo is utterly and total INCREDIBLE.

  7. Oh that TOTALLY sucks!! You're so dedicated though...I think 10 minutes is too long to spend blogging... If you looked at my blog and see how often I post though you would see that that has become a problem. lol. Im about 60 posts behind...although...I COULD blame that on all the time I spend reading blogs instead. Well. I don't have a clue what those things are so I cant offer advice... but I look forward to one day when you have the time to do the post again :)Hope all is well!