Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta... sit in a bucket...

This silly girl! She called me tonight, "Momma look!" And there she was, just sitting in a bucket... :) It's actually the diaper bin, but lately it's been the whites bucket for laundry. And a laundry basket, when the other baskets are full. And now it's apparently a play toy.


But to quote MckMama [whose precious Stellan is back in the hospital fighting SVT again] "I digress." Speaking of MckMama, please keep Stellan in your prayers. Yet again he's stepped outside the "normal" area of SVT.


In other news, Matt has recently changed job descriptions. He has been (for over a year now) Mission Reach Teams Coordinator. But the thing is, its an office job - strictly desk work. And my Matti, he's just not an office-desk-strapped kind of guy. He's done really well with it, for the time he did, but his heart wasn't in it. We both studied to be youth pastors when we were at Elim Bible Institute. That's where our hearts are - youth and missions hand-in-hand. So with that said, Matt has moved to a different part of the Marine Reach Minstries, called Discipleship Training Schools (DTS). It's a 5 month school based on learning about God, deepening one's relationship with Him, and then spending a portion of that time doing an outreach - putting to practice what's been learned.

Matt's staffing the school, along with 5 other people - Cheyne (pronounced Shane), Lane, Rachel, Ellen, and Jeneice (Ja-Nees). Normally this school takes place on the ship. But the ship's still in Fiji for another month, so the school's starting over in Matamata, where we did our Family DTS. They'll move back over here once the ship returns and they can all move onboard.

However, this means that Matti's gotta live over in Matamata during the week for about four weeks. So if my blogging becomes more or less in the next few weeks, you'll just have to understand that I'm under a teensy bit of stress right now.

See we're dealing with immigration again. I'm always stressed by immigration. Especially when I've got to do all the legwork since Matt's only working from a cellphone in a bad reception area.

And I'm starting back to work now, from home and hopefully getting back into the office soon (since working from home with two babies and no husband around doesn't really qualify as work, but rather the stuff thriller movies are made of). So there's that to contend with.

And I'm still a housewife and a mother who could stay busy allllll day long just cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, and wiping rear ends.


So the long and short of it is, if I'm blogging a lot in the next few weeks, you'll know that I'm bored without my husband to hang out with at night and/or I'm going nuts and need an outlet. Or I'll disappear and you'll know that I have 80 gadzillion things to do, and blogging has gone low on the totem pole.



  1. The picture of Ocena in the bucket is adorable.. and yes sometimes you do just have to sit in a bucket.
    We are also praying for Baby Stellan here and that darn ole SVT.
    Wow I bet your hubby is excited to be out and about working instead of stuck at a desk..I would be.
    YOu are one of the busiest peoples blogs I read.. Good luck to you with immigration, and getting all that you do done. Remember to have fun with those little ones.. too cute!

  2. I feel your pain. I either live on my blog when hubs is gone or end up zoning out at night in front of the tube with loads of laundry. its an exciting life but someone's got to lead it right? : )

  3. Well if ya need to blog a lot, we'll be here with bells on. And if ya don't, we'll understand that too.

    Maybe Oceana will share her bucket w/ ya if you get lonesome. :)