Tuesday, July 21, 2009

N is for Naomi

IMG_4156 copy, originally uploaded by mnssams.

I am in love with this picture! She was laying on the floor, looking at Oceana's foam floor puzzle, when I had the idea to let her hold the N. It was a killer idea - bright colors, cute baby - a winner in my book!

She's so cooperative in the :look-cute-please: department!

This kiddo is wearing her 3-6m and 6-9m clothes now. It's not the width that's the issue, it's the length! She's so long! She's filled the full length of her 3-6m stuff, and is comfy in her 6-9s. WOW!

She's giggling, rolling, eating her hands, and chattering to us now.

So much fun!


  1. That is the most adorable picture.. HOw clever of you to think to hand her the N... Great picture.. thanks for sharing.. she is so cute and getting so big.

  2. cute picture... great idea.

  3. adorable.

    You couldn't have planned a cuter photo. Amazing that she would be holding the N.


  4. Aww, she's just gorgeous!! :D love the photos, and the french braids are so cute!

  5. wait, the french braids are in the other photo...lol

  6. Love, love, love this photo, Susie!

    What a sweet as sugar baby girl :)


  7. That's a great picture! Love it. A definite one for the idea book...

  8. Oh my....She is soooo big now and soooo beautiful!!!!