Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2

Oceana, B&W, originally uploaded by mnssams.

I was reminded of how ridiculous I look whining about Matt being gone when Andrea's husband is deployed for 6 months. So I'll do my best not to whine, because I'm sure to women whose husbands are away often or for a long period of time as I am when people say dumb things about losing babies. We'll leave it at that for now.


Oceana went to Nana's today for the morning. The idea was that with 1/2 of our chicklets I'd be able to get some work done. Well, it was a good plan. And it would have been a fantabulous plan, had Naomi not boycotted on morning naptime. She only would sleep while I held her, so the work didn't really happen.

I do have to remind myself that over the course of the day I did accomplish a lot, but it was two minutes here, thirty seconds there. It doesn't FEEL like work was productive. But I did manage to cross things off my list, so that's something at least.


Fun sleep story. Of course I use that term "fun" rather loosely. "Insanity" would also suffice. I was on the phone with Matt around 10 last night when he told me that I should go to bed. I'm normally a 1am-er, so I thought he was being silly. But I went ahead and got to bed around 11. It's a good thing to, because at 3am Oceana's bladder decided to coup the sleep. Ak! No! When you hear, "Mommy! I wanna go poooootty!" at 3am, you don't try to ignore it. It's a choice of "get up now" or "pay for it later". More like "launder for it later". Ew. So after taking her to the bathroom she asked to hop in our bed. *Whatever*. At 3am I'll give in to most anything. I'm tired. I need sleep. Naomi was already in our bed - since she had a hard time staying asleep last night too.

I fell asleep with one girl's head wedged into each arm. But at 5am I woke up to a warm wet feeling. Nope, Oceana's bladder was empty. This prize went to Naomi. I guess I didn't change her diaper close enough to bed time, so we got to change her from head to toe, I had to get out of my long-sleeved shirt, and I had to throw blankets over the wet patch so we could get some sleep (don't worry, I washed it all this morning). But this resulted in being wide-awake.

After staring at the ceiling for a while, I decided to just get up and get over it. So by now I'm preeeeetty tired. It is 12:25am after all. *grimace*


We're heading off to see Matt tomorrow. Among other things. Also happening tomorrow: printing pictures to prove the duration of Matt's and my relationship (*eye roll*), getting notarized documents at the Citizen's Advice Bureau, Stretch & Grow (teen mum's group), and then headed to Matamata to see Matti.

Hopefully we'll get some great pictures tomorrow. I think I'm going to opt out of work at this hour (since I'm nodding off) and opt for my pillow while there's no extra little girls in my bed! *:)*


  1. I love your honesty and your pictures. It's truly refreshing!

  2. Ok, so I do not know you or your family personally, but I noticed something today... Oceana seems to have such a Mommy face with Daddy expressions. She is absolutely gorgeous... as all three of your children.

  3. I certainly didn't intend for you to feel badly... in my book, gone is gone. And it is tough no matter the time frame. Husbands and wives were meant to be together, day in and day out.

    I hope you were able to get some good sleep!


  4. Don't feel silly! Go to my blog & look at the archives for late Sept/early Oct last year. Larry went on a mission trip to Romania & was gone for nearly 2 weeks. I was a weepy, falling apart mess by day 3.

    Everyone deals w/ things in a different way.

  5. just testing my no-reply email

  6. My hubby was gone for 9 weeks last summer in Turkey (we're in the US) so I have MUCH sympathy for you. It's hard to be a mommy (I have 2 boys) without any help. I got through it by praying for daily (ok, sometimes hourly) strength. I might of cried a little bit, too:) I was really amazed, though, to find out how tough I really am. Moms are amazing! I'll be praying for you.