Monday, June 29, 2009

Winding down

Our time here in Pennsylvania is coming to a close. It's been a great time. We've had the chance to visit family and friends, and even went to a Sams Family Reunion. We've done BBQs and eaten out. We've been sunburned (me and Matt, not the girls) and bitten by bugs (probably just me). We've been to the doctor (me and Naomi) and we've opted for natural options instead (Gentian Violet for nursing thrush works wonders). We've been prayed for in church, and we've dedicated little Naomi's life to the Lord at our home church here (along with her 16 month old cousin Evan).

And now begins the next "rush". That fabulous time before a trip home, where I'll spend my whole day trying to "funnel" our belongings back into the room we've stayed in. I've tried my very best to not allow the "wandering" that inevitably happens. But it has happened, and now I'll be darned [ooh hoo, watchyerlanguageyounglady] if I can find Naomi's one warm sleeper and my favorite winter weather long sleeved shirt anywhere. Harumph. My plan was to each have one warm outfit to bring with us - we arrived in them and we'll leave in them. I use that phrase loosely, as I well know I won't make it LA alive if I try to wear a long sleeved shirt when we leave Harrisburg, headed for Dulles on Wednesday morning! Oh dear summer, we're gonna miss you and your sweet temps! Back to the land o' claminess we go.

I'd love to live-blog the next few days. But alas, without Twitter on a mobile phone, or the where-with-all to get on the computer every half hour, it probably won't happen. I've pretty much given up on posting pictures until I get home and have internet access on my laptop again. Sorry if you were hanging out for updates in that regard.

Naomi is laughing and gigging now. Her smiles can easily be "worked for" and her giggles are hysterical. It seems she's a ticklish baby, since her collarbone, ribs, tummy, legs, knees, and even hips are time tickling targets. Blowing raspberries on her feet have also been known to produce giggles. And this little stinker apparently didn't get the memo that said babies don't roll over until about 5 months of age. Especially from their back to their tummy, since this requires my body control. See, Oceana rolled over a few times at 2 months old, but it was a fluke and she stopped doing it. Put Naomi on the floor for a minute and you'll see her flip from her back to her tummy in record timing and often flip again to her back. Ahem. "Excuse me madam, you're not supposed to do that yet."

I gotta go. I need to do some laundry, some packing, some cleaning, and a bit of shopping. It's gonna be an adventure in packing all the things we have acquired while we've been here. Wish me luck!


  1. Hey guys! So glad you got to relax and enjoy the US! ;-) Hope you've had better weather than NYC...RAINRAINRAIN! I was reading a book today and thought of you...I would've messaged you on FB but my net isn't working so I'm using the school's which blocks it. I'm reading a book called "Handle with Care" by Jodi Picoult; it's about a family who's daughter has IO, a genetic disease where the bones are so brittle they break at the smallest amount of contact (We've all saw that ER episode or greys...). Anyway, the parents need money so they're suing the doctor for wrongful birth bc they didn't know earlier and may have terminated...but they never wanted to, they just need money. But there's a part in the book I wanted to share with you; the mom goes to a woman who had an abortion bc of another genetic disease, and she says when you have an abortion with a baby who you knew had medical issues, "You can't win. Either you have your baby and wear your pain on the outside, or you don't have the baby and you keep that ache in your forever."

    I wanted to say, again, how much I respect you and Matt for your strength and reliance on God throughout your marriage. God honors those who honor him, and you two have a lifetime of being honored ahead of you. I've shared your story with so many people, and they have been confused by it, but when I share that you had PRECIOUS time with Joshua that the doctors said was nearly impossible, God's grace is evident.

    Hope this didn't bring up bad memories, and you def don't have to accept this comment bc it's kind of off topic, but I thought I'd share that we love you guys and we're continuing to pray for you throughout this healing journey.


  2. I know that's always my least favorite part of a trip---repacking! I'll be praying that the trip home is safe & smooth.

    When do you leave to head back?

  3. Pleeeeeeease bring some warm weather with you. It's brrrrr cold here.
    Pray your travels coming back this way go REALLY REALLY super duper well and un-eventful!
    Margo xxxx

  4. I'm sure now that Naomi is "moving" that youre going to end up keeping your eyeballs on
    Can't wait to see photoS! wish we could have stopped by to say hello :) Hope you find everything :)

  5. Hey Susie!! I'll pray for you today on your trip back!! GOOD LUCK!

  6. Breathe easy, your always very orgainized when you need to be, YOUR A MOM of TWO beautiful little girls.

    I am so glad you have shared time with family and friends and enjoyed the weather. I also am sure your glad to be heading home to your own place. It always "fits" us a little better huh?!

    As for little miss Naomi..... hmmmm they say that when a child learns quickly there is another right behind her to come. Watch out. :) j/k She's just a very intelligent young lady. (Watch out the toddler stages are fast approaching).

    Try to have a stressfree flight home and be safe. God Bless you all and keep you.

    Sonja in Fl