Friday, May 22, 2009

Six weeks old

Our Naomi-Girl is 6 weeks old today! That's crazy! It's that magical 6 week mark that we [Momma's] all talk about. Okay - so it's supposedly *that* milestone too, but aside from that the critical period of adjustment is over. There's plenty more adjustment to be made, but I'd venture to say that the majority of Mommas feel pretty good, feel a bit more comfortable feeding baby, and changing the baby has become easier [on the first-timer] as they're no longer afraid of breaking the baby's limbs while putting on the onesies! 

She's 10lbs 14oz today! She put on 600 grams (1lb 13oz) in just over 2 weeks. I'm pretty impressed. A few comments from my mother regarding High Butter Fat Milk (she grew up on a dairy farm, she can't help it), and I'm looking at a little girl who's no longer got that newbie look! At least, I think so. 

One thing that made me chuckle today was the fact that the Plunket (Well Child) nurse said "Wow, she's so BIG for a 6 week old!". It's good to hear that from someone who actually sees newborn babies on a regular basis. Everybody else talks about how tiny she is, and to me she seems huge!

I'll update with pictures tomorrow (hopefully...), but today we've been at my Mum and Dad's place. Naomi had her first shots today (they do them at 6 weeks in NZ, not 2 months), so she was pretty grumpy. And since it was such a cold day today, I opted to come to their place as it's much warmer. I didn't want Naomi to be cold and in pain. Poor thing's having a rough day, lots of crying. I'm giving her Panadol (Tylenol) and if she really loses it this evening I'll probably try a bath (Thanks Jennifer C. B. for that idea!)

We leave for the US in a week. Oh geez.... I've got a LOT to do. And while I'm not complaining about the cold (coz I spent most of the summer complaining about the heat), I'm looking forward to June in Pennsylvania. Looking forward is an understatement. Winter arrived with the vengeance last night! Wow! 

Enjoy the weather my dear North American friends! I'm coming soon!


  1. Yeah way to go chunkin up that little baby. Nothing as cute as chubby baby legs. (I wonder why they just aren't as adorable on grown-ups?)

    It's been in the 80's here all week, so hang in there.

    Rachel in PA
    3 weeks until I meet my newest little girl!

  2. 10 pounds at 6 wks is huge! My boys were always on the small side (they actually still are) but they had such big melon heads (they still do) they always looked bigger.

    It's amazing how fast the first few weeks seem to go isnt it? Your in such a newbaby haze or something!

    Good luck getting ready for your trip back to the good ol USA. We aren't too far from PA and the weather is BEAUTIFUL! Sunny, sparkly, green trees, blue skies and lots of nice breezes. I hope it stays like that for yall.

  3. hey... just to bring back the perspective - Naomi is now at 6 wks old .8 ounces more than I was at BIRTH. hahaha That oughta make you hurt to think about!! Hope says that's why they gave me up. :)

  4. cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow!
    that 6 weeks went by fast for me.
    maybe not so fast for you...
    looking forward to photos.
    also enjoy your time stateside.

  6. You can choose to delete this if you the risk of starting a heated you have any concerns in giving your children shots? I am one who does not give any. Having done a ton of research before our first child was born we felt the side affects from the shots were more of a danger than the reliability and validity of the shots. Knowing the ingredients in a shot was enough to turn my stomach. Just wondering...

  7. I was just looking at Heather's baby book and she was 9 lbs 14 oz at one month. She grew fast too. Can't wait to see you.

  8. Susie! I am so glad I could offer some small assistance to you! After all the encouragement and goodness you have offered me since I started reading this blog!

    Congrats on your little Butterball's weight gain! That is just so awesome! And I already said this on facebook but.... Good for you for vaccinating your babies! I do as well and think it is great that you do too!!!!! ANd the bath really does help with the pain at the injection sites!

    Have a wonderful trip to the US! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back home!!!!

  9. Hey Susie! Thanks for following my blog! I look forward to following yours! Your girls are so precious! :)

    Also, Kevin says hi to both you and Matt! :)