Thursday, April 16, 2009

What we've been up to...

Naomi's down only 6 ounces from her birth weight to 7lbs 14oz as of Wednesday (5 days old). She'll get weighed again next Tuesday (11 days old) and I'm sure she'll be back up over her birthweight. We've had no issues with feeding, latch, or supply - which is such a relief as both Oceana and Joshua had their feeding issues. I was just telling my mother today how nice it is to know what I'm doing now - I know simple things like - watching the content of her nappies to know she's getting enough, making sure she's not latching wrong, not worrying about small blisters (on my person - ahem...), and knowing that a small loss is nothing to worry about.

We stayed parked on the couch for the first few days. My bed would have been more comfy, but that would have put a flight of stairs between me and the bathroom, my only other abode in recent days. So I opted for the not-quite-long-enough-to-lay-on couch rather than the up-a-flight-of-stairs bed. :)

The afterpains I mentioned on my Twitter a few days ago had me 2nd guessing any more babies. No way do I wanna do those again. It makes memories of labor come back all too quickly. At least labor has a purpose though - you know you get a baby at the end. The afterpains, while they prove something, certainly don't have much of a tangible reward to them. Yowzer!

This is Naomi's play time. Oceana loves to lay next to her and play too. Usually we end up saying things like, "Please don't touch her so much sweetie", "Please be careful!", "No jumping near the baby!". But Oce just loves her little sister. When our pastors visited us the other day, Oceana met them at the door yelling, "My BABY SISTER came!!"
*Auntie Cate, that's the polka-heart sleeper*

Naomi lost her stump a little earlier than I was expecting. She lost it on Day 4 - but that's because her stump dried pointing down so with every diaper change we were having to turn it or push it out of the way. It scared me a bit because it bled when it was coming off, but she doesn't seem bothered in the least. It's nearly dried down now.

She had one very shallow bath in the first few days, but yesterday she got her first real bath. Taking the advice of a friend I put warm wet clothes over her hands and arms from the very start. Her first bath was a screech-fest, but her second ended like this. Fast asleep....
*Phew, so glad I figured that out!*

She looks like Oceana did as a small baby, but we'll see what happens with time.

And Oceana was a butterfly for a few minutes yesterday. Had to throw in some big sister action. :)

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  1. Her and Oceana are so beautiful together!!! I have a sister and now she is my best friend! I wished I could give my daughter a sister. Congrats!!

  2. I'm a frequent reader but have only commented a couple of times...I do love reading, though, and thought I'd really love to have you participate in the Around the World in 80 Clicks mummy blog project - tagged you here, if you're interested in joining in:

    Your girls are so lovely and I know it's a little belated but I just felt so excited for you when I saw that Naomi had arrived!

  3. You are the best to update us on the goings on out there! Love Oceana's wings & how she gazes adoringly @ her baby sister. So very sweet.

    Oooooh, & really glad that the nursing issues are a non-issue. That can be a painful one!

  4. Oh wow! both girls are looking just gorgeous!! Let me tell you. With My second after 10 days of Afterpains that I deemed far worse than any labor I had went through(and my labors were not short) I determined NEVER AGAIN. lol. Well. that didnt happen... so with my third I was not apprehensive about anything other than the dreaded after pains... I worried about those suckers for months. Had my third. And NADA. minor minor ones for MAYBE 2 days. So In my experience they dont always get worse with subsequent pregnancies :) Just a thought... since your kids were all such beautiful babies keep em comin! lol.

  5. Your girls are so beautiful! Thanks for posting these early pictures of your baby. These first memories are so precious!
    I am so glad your breast feeding is going well. That just takes a huge load of any mommy's mind.
    I am so glad that things are going so well and that Oce is loving her baby sister.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your family with us!

  6. What beautiful girls! I am so happy for you. :)

  7. I love the pictures. They are so precious. Just beautiful and oh what a blessing. I am a Doula in the states and would love hear your birthstory. How cool to have your little one at home. I think that is just awesome!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs and kisses to Naomi and Oceana

    Pam in NC

  8. I remembered having a soft terry cloth bath helper(what Naomi is laying on) when I had my kids. I loved it. Seeing it brought back memories.

    I just love that you have another precious child to love.


  9. So sweet! Love the one with Oce and Naomi on the floor together.

    Looks like she loves her little sissy - at least until Naomi can get into her stuff...LOL

  10. hey Susie,
    Your girls are sooo beautiful! i love the picture of them playing on the floor. I wouldn't worry about her umbilical stump...PJ's came off on Day 3 and bled quite a bit (which of course FREAKED me out)...but my peditrician wasn't the least bit worried about it and it healed up just fine.
    congratulations again!!!

  11. Awesome pictures! Lov em!!! She is sooo beautiful and soooo tiny, you forget how tiny they really are.... glad to hear about the *milk* side of things, lol, it takes off some of the stress. Bryce told me today that saturday night he might be starting the stay with Rachael. Not sure when u will get those pressies, but, OH i am excited! HAHA ttyl!

  12. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL SUSIE! Wow. And it's so funny, I was thinking as you were rattling off logistics, "Wow, it must be so nice to *know* how to do things with your third kid." and you basically said the same thing! And then I was going to ask, "Does she look like Ocea? Bc I think she does!" Then I saw your caption saying she does. Great minds think alike! Wish I was there to bring you coffee cake or something!

  13. HeatherinRochesterApril 17, 2009 at 12:56 PM

    thanks for the update! do you think you'll post your birth story?? i am DYING to hear it! im so interested! :)

  14. Um yeah, so basically you have the two cutest little ones on the planet right now! Look at oce in her little angel costume with the wings, and I love the pic of Nae and you having a nap together - so happy for you all!

  15. Hey there Susie,