Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oceana's Birthday Party

We had Oceana's birthday party today. I had planned this ahead, because I was afraid we'd end up having Naomi a few days before her birthday and end up with a big mess on our hands. And I'm really glad I had the party planned two weeks late, because I obviously couldn't have done it on her actual birthday. Goodness, I could barely stand up on her birthday!

Oceana asked me for a Bob & Larry cake sometime in March. She changed her mind a few times, but never for long. Bob & Larry are favorites at our house this year. Gramma Sams has sent her 5 VT DVDs this year, and they get nearly daily use! We caught her singing along word-for-word the other day to "Oh Where Is My Hairbrush?" It's so funny to Matt and I that the music we listened to as tweens and teens is now her favorite!

Forks are for losers apparently.

This picture makes me laugh! I was trying to get a picture of her in the Moby Wrap. But with a f/50mm lens, my arms aren't nearly long enough to get the whole wrap. That look! Oh, she slays me!

And after the other friends had gone off home for naps, Oceana *read* Eli a story. Remember Eli? He's been here on the blog quite a bit! :)

~~~Happy Birthday Baby~~~

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  1. Your cake is absolutely adorable!!! I love it! Also, that Moby wrap looks so neat! When I have another, that's first on my list of things I want! :)

  2. susie when I have kids I think I will call you when it comes to making the cake you did a fantastic job

  3. Susie
    You are amazing!
    Such a cool cake. Our kids can ask for just about anything and we will go to the ends of the earth to give it to them.

  4. That is cute. I love the cake. You did a great job w/ it! And Oceana eating sans fork? Wonderful!

  5. Cute pics! Love the mess, and the hair!

  6. Great cake! Love the bright colors!

    Why can't all little kids watch what we watched as teens when we were too old for it to be cool, but too young to care? Those were the good old safe things to watch!

    So much modern entertainment is full of garbage, or at least bad attitudes.

  7. What a fun birthday party! I love the cakes, they are adorable!!