Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another birthday girl

Not sure how many of you realize, but Oceana's birthday was April 11th. I had really been hoping that the girls wouldn't share a birthday. It would have been cute, if that had been the case. But in the name of individuality and identity, I wanted them to have different birthdates. Well, we managed that by a very narrow margin, but it's been birthday weekend at our house for sure. And to add to the chocolate hogging, (as if having Easter wasn't enough) my birthday is next Friday the 17th. :)

But enough about the calendar. I want to tell you a bit about my big girl! Oceana Faith is such a precious girl. She is full of life, energy, joy, and smiles. She really tries to be helpful and wants to be involved in everything.

She's talking very clearly now, with a funny way of phrasing her sentences. "Her sleeping?" instead of "Is she sleeping?" That's pretty easy to decifer, but add to that her special Oceana-language, and I'm one of very few who knows what she's referring to.

"Momma, wanna watch Tiny Chef!" (Ratatoille DVD)
"Momma, you on owie bed?" (ultrasound exam table)
"Wanna watch owie" (Veggie Tales, The Tale of Flibber-O-Loo when Larry falls and gets injured)
"Fowtee-five" (45. It's the answer for everything. No idea why!)
"Oceana, do you want 2 or 3?" - "I want... 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!"
"Can I have a Sammich?" (Sandwich - she means peanut butter, jam, and Marmite on a piece of bread. Gag.)
"Momma, I wanna go da cawh pawk" (The park that you have to go to in the car, not the one in walking distance).

And I'm really excited that after 2 days she can clearly say "Naomi", though for two days it was "No-Me". I'm still not sure she'll be able to remember the name if I were just to ask, "What's the baby's name?" We'll get there soon enough.

She loves books, telling stories, looking at books, holding books, carrying books, taking books to bed, taking books in the car, and emptying her entire book box onto the floor for the sake of emptying it.

She's full of smiles. Big tooth grins!

She is IN LOVE with her sister. No sibiling rivalry here. Just a bit of "SEE ME" Syndrome. The last few days have been filled with a lot of attention-getting schemes on her part. But she's not upset that Naomi is here. If anything she's upset that she can't touch or hold Naomi constantly. She loves to help "change baby nappy". This includes pulling out a wipe and handing me a nappy. She also really loves to help snap the sleeper back up. *Helpful* for sure. :) I'm loving it!

And oh my goodness, she's just gorgeous.

Happy 3rd Birthday Oceana Faith! You are such a joy!

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  1. Hap hap happy birthday. I was at Bethlehem Baptist on Saturday morning but thought it was tooooo early to pop in to say hi!!! So if it's ok with you all, sometime over the holidays it would be great to see the three birthday girls!! But will definately chk with you first if you are all up for a visit from us! Thinking of you all LOTS. Happy happy happy times :) xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet little girl! She is just precious Susie!!

  3. Beautiful!
    Happy birthday Oceana and welcome Naomi. Congratulations to you all...what a weekend!

  4. Two Cuties!!

    Happy Birthday Oceana!!

    My son and his cousin are exactly 2 years apart. His other two cousins are a two years and 1 day apart. Out of the grandchildren there are 3 boys and 1 girl. All the boys are born on the 26th.

  5. ok, she is sooooooooooo beautiful!! AHH! And 3yrs old???? oh man, Miles is due next done for his turn at 3.. I love her eye color its amazing. And her hair is growing fast now!! HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONE!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Oceana! You are really gorgeous, your mommie is not just saying that. Hugs and kisses from Gramma and Grampa Sams! We love you lots.

  7. She IS gorgeous. Honestly, her eyes just radiate happiness.

    Happy Birthday Oceana!

  8. You have two beautiful girls, Susie! Happy birthday to all of you :)

  9. WOW!!! Daddy better save up for next April! He's got a lot of birthdays to keep up with! I LOVE Oceana's eyes...they are just beautiful as is the rest of her. They just seem so expressive, and such neat color! What a lucky mom!!! Enjoy this time. I hear it goes by really quick!

  10. Happy Birthday BIG Sister!

    I am glad you have your own birthdays... but I bet Mommy & Daddy talk you into one big party several times.

    Oceana you are so pretty. I have always thought that... but you really sparkle in these photos.


  11. Happy Birthday Oceana! You are truly a cutie! With the way your momma describes you it is impossible not to fall in love with you little face! You are a very special little girl!

  12. my goodness she looks like her daddy! they are both stunning, you make beautiful babies hahaha

  13. My sister and I have birthdays 7 days apart, and we always had joint birthday parties growing up. Joint birthday party=an even bigger celebration! So much fun. Happy 3rd birthday to sweet Oceana!

  14. My daughter and son are one day short of excatly 2 years yes, poor kids will have to share a party for a long time I think! :) My bday is tomorrow though and my dad's is the day after. Growing up (and now) I have always felt special sharing a birthday. Hopefully your girls will feel the same way! :)

  15. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

  16. Susie,
    Coming from 43 years of experience of having my birthday a meer hour and forty-five minutes after my sister. I can tell you one thing, Don't always share their birthday. When they are little they don't understand so no big deal but after the age of nine it became apparent that my older sister by three years and one day was becoming tired of sharing her birthday. She was born June 30 I was born July 1. And By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCEANA, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NAOMI, & HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY SUSIE. Hope that you enjoy it with your daughters.

    Happy Easter,

    Sonja Flordia

  17. Happy Birthday to Sweet Oceana!!! You are so right, she is GORGEOUS!! I love those eyes!!! She is definatly getting to be a big girl!!!
    Emily in Mississippi

  18. Beautiful Babes from Beautiful Baby Bumps;) True, but you are a Beautiful Family, and Happy Birthday to the 3 year old Beauty of the Bunch.

  19. Happy 3rd birthday Oceana!! Hope you had a great birthday :)

  20. I love your descriptions of her language! My daughter also asks to go to the car park, but in her case it's a park where there are a few Little Tikes plastic cars to "drive" around in. And she asks to "read ouch George finger hurt" which is Curious George visits the aquarium (he gets his finger pinched by a crab).

    Happy birthdays to all 3 of you!

  21. My birthday is also on the 17th. April is clearly the Awesome Month!

  22. Your two girls are so beautiful! I loved the 2's and 3's - I love hearing the cute little things they say and how they say them. It's great that you are sharing them on your blog here. While you might not think so, one day you will not remember them - or will say "Was it Oce or Naomi who said....?"

    My girls are big now - 12 and 14 - and my son is 21. I miss the sweet little stages. Enjoy!