Friday, March 6, 2009

Havalah & Dahvede's Engagement shoot

I'm still learning. And a lot of that "learning" is based on simply not liking what I've got and wanting to find a way to fix what I've already done. It's difficult to tell during a shoot what's going on because my LCD screen isn't bright enough to tell what's going on in the shots. I usually can't tell until I get home and upload - which is far too late.

Then my facebook status ends up being something about being annoyed that I "blew out the sky". And my cousin asks me what in the world that means. :)

I have yet to learn how high of an aperture to use in shadow, in bright sunlight, and when to use a flash. How to preserve the blue sky without getting shadow on their faces, and still remember that composition and communication are important. Luckily these two are pretty easy to photograph. And pretty darn cooperative too.

Chin up. Lost your chin. Longer neck. Turn towards me. Turn away. Look over my shoulder.

Sit. Stand. Roll over. Good dog. Hehehe. J/k!

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  1. I think these photos are very nice.

    Have you ever visited
    I have been learning a few pointers there.

    Live and Learn.
    that's my motto.

    You can't get better if you never practice... and how do you appreciate the good without the bad?


    ps. I am what would probably be known as a lazy photographer... cause I set it on auto. Ü

  2. Susie,

    Your a hoot!!!!!!!!

    You are your worst critic has anyone told you that?

    I especially like the last photograph but they are all great. Especiall the hands and ring. I have seen it at the wedding but never for prior to the wedding. I would have to capture that one in my scrapbook with the scripture about how a woman leaves her mother and father and cleaves only unto her husband or maybe is there a scripture about wearing of the ring as a token or is that just something we put in vows? Who knows but I can tell you this, your family should be very proud of you. Your very talented and all while so close to your due date. :) Not long now. I can't wait to see your baby pics of the little "sisters".

    God Bless You and Keep you

    Sonja - Fl

  3. These photos are wonderful! Full of fun and love. Don't be so hard on yourself (I know, easier said than done).

    Allison in Baton Rouge

  4. Its hard when your starting out, especially with a new camera. Your pictures are great!! :)

    I know when I first started I was the worst critic of anyone i showed the pictures to.

  5. Susie... I have the same problem...when to use my flash. And apparently ... according to my photographer Aunt... the answer is pretty much always...BUT I have an external flash that I can turn the brightness down on so I can see that being true... with the built in flash I think it would be too much sometimes. They turned out gorgeous though!! And I really didnt give you any concrete advice.I have the same problem with my LCD screen so I really rely on the little bars that tell me what the levels are your viewfinder bottom right the shutter half way and if it shows your in the middle of the bars then you *should* be good. Did I help you AT ALL!? lol.

  6. I wanted to recommend to you. Its a great resource for those just staring out (it can be a bit overwhelming, but you can always learn without posting). Email me if you have any questions - kimschmidtphotography @

  7. I think those are some cute pics! There is a site, not sure if you've visited or where she has a separate photog. blog. She has devoted some posts to aperature, white balance, etc.

  8. I've been following your blog for awhile now and decided to delurk to offer my photography advice. The easiest way I found to avoid sky blowout is to use a Polorizing filter. I'm not sure if you have one or not, but it's worth the investment. It makes the sky VERY blue and makes water look cool but doesn't effect the way PEOPLE look. It's like sunglasses for your camera (without the color changes). They can be pricy but well worth it. Also, I'm not sure if it's better to use a circular polarizer (made for digital) or a regular one (for film). I think the circular one just costs more! haha
    (I used to work in a photography store, and LOVE taking pictures myself! :) )
    Good luck! (
    PS: LOVE the pictures. I think they look great! And congrats to Dahvede & Havalah!

  9. They are pretty good...I love the 3rd on where they are sitting down.

  10. I think they are beautiful photos! I also really like the shot of the hands. I'm still learning photography too, so take this for what it is worth ;-) -- I think a flash would have been good with the hand shot. Normally I don't like using a flash unless I have to, but in bright outside light it can really help disperse the shadows. Again, for what it is worth.

    You have a real talent for capturing expression! Keep shooting!

  11. These are beautiful!! You did a great job!

  12. HeatherinRochesterMarch 6, 2009 at 11:59 PM

    i think the last two are particularly FANTASTIC. i cant believe how wonderful you have gotten in such a short period of time. you really are a GREAT photographer!! ease up on yourself!

  13. I am no professional, but I think they look great!! The one of your sister on her fiances shoulders is my favorite :) Great job to you!!

  14. Congrats Havalah and Dahvede!

    Susie this is what *I* heard.

    "dfgheaog dkfa shadow, [p],ndkjh sunlight, lghujoann qevxfs important."

    So I'm with your cousin. :-)

    All I know is the photos you share with us are pretty darn nice, and like you said, it helps that your subjects are photogenic.

  15. I'd love to try and help you out. If you have any questions, you can email me and I'll try my best to answer them for you. I think your pictures are fantastic.

  16. Looks good Sus! Did you know you can turn up the brightness of your LCD screen in your settings? That was you can see it outside.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You've already come a long way. And as far as the sky, shoot in raw and develop into two exposures and then combine them both. Since you're working with the camera flash, I think that might be the easiest way to do it. Email me if you want more info.

    Again, good job!

  17. Congratulations to Havie and Dahvede! This is wonderful news...and just on the heels of Cate's wedding. What a joyful time for your family. I am so glad that you are all together to share these monumental moments.

  18. fill in flash! It's truly amazing you won't have to check the lcd screen once you have used it a couple of times. I never go without it on those blue sky bright days - you just have to take twice as many photos cos people blink way too much!... but yeah - no shadows under the eyes and usually a little 'ping' of a light in the pupil... try it some time... :-)