Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've had curls since I've had hair. In my baby pictures I have ringlets. Matt developped curls around the age of five, but you'd never know since his hair stays so short. We really shouldn't be surprised at the state of Oceana's hair.

Those curls are best with a little encouragement (read: recently washed, combed, and not slept upon). But even after a nap, they're still pretty cute. Ok. So that're flat out adorable, okay?

And that determined look in her eyes? The stiff chin. I think that's my fault. Any random shot of me probably looks like this. I'm one of those people who looks overly intense when I'm concentrating. My mother said I was easy to spot at swim meets as a kid - I was the only one who was biting my nails from nervousness. Always looked a bit stressed out when I was thinking hard. Haha. So I think Oceana's got my chin... at least the clenched jaw part.

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  1. B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L & I just love little curls!!!

  2. oh curls... i love my curls {now} and I am so excited that the girls look like they are going to have curly hair too. I wonder if your new little girl will have curly hair too!


  3. Curls, curls everywhere! How beautiful. Matt's and my curls come from my side of the family. The Sam's all have straight and thick hair. Your curls are absolutely beautiful and so fun to pass them on to your daughter...along with a few other traits. I was just telling Heather yesterday that I have become my mother...and she agreed. Not a bad thing I think. I would be proud if Oceana became like her mother.

  4. I like curls...
    but my hair is pretty straight.
    A bit of natural curl when its wet.

    Whatever you have...
    you always wish you had the opposite.