Saturday, February 7, 2009

*You were right*

Andrea who commented on the last post. I tried to contact you via email, but couldn't get through the nonreply email. Anyways, all that to say, I looked you up in the city I'm in - and you're right. You definitely did see me walking down the street yesterday. :) Too funny! We were probably out searching for a dress shirt at Hallensteins at the time. Sound about right? :) Ok everybody else - let me just say - WHOA! Have I really hit that place? The one where I'm recognised in public? I'm no MckMama here, let's face it. But kool none the less...


  1. Haha, love it!! I remember a few of the first times I was "recognized" in public from my blog. Crazy times.

    And, you may be "no MckMama here," but I'm sure no Susie myself, so I guess we're even:)

    Have fun on the rest of your wedding trip away. What I wouldn't do to have my kids' clothes covered in grass stains instead of living where's everything is frozen over!

  2. How funny! I wish I lived close enough to come hang out w/ you or pass you on the street. But I'm kinda on the other side of the globe. :)

  3. susie, I bet if you lived a little closer to a large part of your bloging audience.....(the U.S.) you would get recognized a lot more then you do now! Maybe you can be glad that you live down crazy!
    Do you have a name for this new baby girl?