Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cate's Wedding 3

Because sometimes you just gotta pick the kid up like a sack 'o' potatoes!

Trying to stay out the way of the real photographer's way...

Drew paying my father a "dowry" of lions, tigers, bears, pigs, etc (animal crackers)...
Thought that was VERY creative and VERY funny.

Cutting their cake. That's my the cake topper from my parent's wedding in 1983.
And a whole lot of time, double stick tape, and a few corsage pins to decorate the cake with the gold ribbons and stuff....
I did that in the back kitchen of the hotel two days before the wedding. I'm sure the cook thought I was crazy... preggo lady with wrapping paper, ribbon, corsage pins and double stick tape, attacking my sister's cake. :)

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  1. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding! And Oceana is just way to cute :) I love that she went up and down the aisle several more time :) How funny!

    I wondered if you would mind sharing where you got the pattern for her dress. My daughter is going to be a flower girl in a wedding in September, and I am going to make her dress. I have been looking for patterns, but haven't found anything that isn't really fancy and ornate, which isn't really the brides taste. Also, I was wondering what kind of material you used. I haven't really sewn with "fancy" material before, and wondered if you had any suggestions or hints. Thanks!!! :)

  2. Oceana looks SO ADORABLE! And I'm dying to know.....where did Havalah's name come from? I've never heard that one before and think it's beautiful. And how is it pronounced? I could be pronouncing it wrong in my head.


  3. looks like it was a perfect day! And let me be the first to say...why the heck do they have a professional photographer!? Your shots all look great :)

  4. ok so i just have to say it- cate's, ummm....ladyness (haha) look FANTASTIC in her dress!! ha. i know, crude right? but goodness, what a great dress she picked to show them off. appropriately of course. ;)

  5. I am so happy for cate, she looked absolutely beautiful!! Where did she meet her husband? Is he from NZ?