Monday, January 26, 2009


I like the nesting version of myself. I am not a good housekeeper. If you've been following my story long, you'll know that housework is my biggest struggle. I hate doing. I procrastinate. I feel guilty about not doing, about hating it, and about procrastinating regarding it. But! When I'm nesting, this house is in primo condition - or will be in a short while. I can't stand the mess. I can't stand the clutter. I can't stand disorganisation. It irks me! And it irks me enough that I get up, despite my growing size, and do something about it!

This is not to say that it is easy. Or pleasant. Or enjoyable by any standards. But if I don't do it, I'll go bonkers looking at the mess, the disorganisation, the lack of clean laundry. You name it.

So here's a quick look at the last week. I haven't said much lately, or at least I feel as though I haven't said much.

Here's my beautiful Mum sewing her skirt for Cate's wedding (which is in exactly 10 days!). It took some hunting, but she found a shirt that matched some beauitful linen fabric. And it looks really nice! Now Havie and I are on a hunt to find her a sheer ivory wrap (since it's summer a jacket's not a smart choice) before Sunday. Hmm... Speaking of which. I need to get moving!

I learned to sew from my mother. She is from a generation that was still taught to sew in school. She and her mom made her high school wardrobe. I love hearing my mother talk about getting to her senior year and finally convincing her mom that skirts needed to be shorter and rehemming several skirts into the mini-length that was in style. Hehe. My mom, the Rebel...

I also learned a bit about sewing from my dad. He's an upholsterer. So, if I ever need help recovering something - I'll just give it to him. :) He's better at it anyways. Haha. But he did teach me how to tie off thread the right way (and it doesn't unravel!)

And there's always Oceana. She's fun. She's smiley. And she's into everything. But that's not really news. But it was a generous portion of the week.

Oh, and I'm eating. But we don't need to talk about that. Especially since that scale better say that was water weight that I discovered the other day. Because I refuse to accept +4 for a week.

I sew. I know you know that. But here's a rare picture of me. And that's a pin hanging out of my mouth. I always do that. I can talk and hold pins in my mouth. I learned it from my Mum.

I did this. Ok. Well, I pinned it like this, and then I sewed it. This is what happens when your little sister loses nearly 19 pounds after buying her bridesmaid dress. You have to find somewhere to put 4" of extra dress. I chose the floor. *snip snip*

And Oceana danced. And ran in circles. And smiled. Because that's her job. And she's pretty good at her job.

I rearranged our bedroom. I have a room. I have a room that is simply a room. It doesn't have a weight bench in it. Can you see my smiling?

And I cleared out most of that dresser for baby clothes. She's gonna have to deal with the fact that the bottom drawer still has some paperwork in it. I found those clear bins and relegated their contents to an ugly brown box. They now house hats, socks, shoes, booties, hair bands, and bibs.

Very, very, very nice .... it's my looooovely room. I love it!

I organised, washed, and put away lots of baby laundry.

And that's just this week. I wonder what next week will hold?


  1. Its nice to have such an eventful- picture full post! Im loving your sisters bridesmaid dress- Very cute. What else. NO WEIGHTBENCH IN YOUR BEDROOM! thats great! Although I have a feeling one is working its way into mine.Tyson(my hubby) is in massive weightloss/workout mode... Its amazing...And workout equipment is slowly filling the rooms of my house.blah. but hey if he gets healthy great! Im totally digressing. Keep up with the nesting and send some of that productivity this way. Have fun getting ready for the upcoming wedding :) Hope everyones doing well.

  2. Yeah for nesting! My first DD was early so I didn't get too much nesting in, on the 2nd I was on strict bed rest so my DH did the nesting for me! He even washed the walls in the nursery! WOOHOO!

  3. Such talent in your family.

    I put the pins in my mouth too. I am also of the generation that took sewing in high school. 4 years of Home Ecomonmics and Sewing.

    Glad you got your nesting prego self busy and got so much done. Isn't it funny/or not what pregnancy does to a girl?


  4. The sewing looks so fun and the green dress is gorgeous.

    All my sewing stuff is in storage, except the high-end machine I bought nearly a year ago, which is sitting forlornly on my bedroom floor (I didn't trust storage with it). But there is sits, mocking me, as I step over it to get into my closet each day.

    Have you done any smocking? There are some great magazines from Australia and New Zealand on smocking.

    Have you upholstered anything youself? I did my couch a few years ago. I hauled it to the class at the local college and did it there, a sort of learn as you go thing. I found that with my sewing and pattern-drafting background, it was logical and relatively easy, once I understood what had to be done.

    I'm looking forward to reading about your upcoming birth and seeing the new baby. Oceana looks like her daddy, Joshua looked like you, so I wonder if this baby will be the mix of both of you.

  5. Since you've still got a little time before the baby arrives, want to come to Texas & do my house next? :)

  6. Don't feel bad - I procrastinate too (too much other fun stuff to do w/ my boys) but it feels soooo great when everything is clean and organized!

  7. Susie,
    You sound like you are doing "lovely, just lovely".
    Oceana is looking cuter by the day and growing so big. She is pretty as a picture, just like her momma.

    I hope I get some "nesting energy" soon. My daughter and I are moving into an apartment at the beginning of March. I can't wait. Living with my parents has been a blessing however it is time to get back out there on my own and stop living out of a storage unit and boxes, plus sharing a room with my 20 year old daughter. LOLOL (our taste are somewhat different. LOLOL)
    Glad to see you doing so well. Love your sewing. I sew quilts but that's about it and it has been years since I've done that.
    Look forward to hearing more about next week. God Bless and don't over do it.

    Sonja - Fl

  8. I have the same housework issues as you - I hate the mess, but I hate cleaning it up even more. It's tough when you have a toddler (or two) running around your house, too.

    You know, if you run out of stuff to clean/organize, you are more than welcome to come here and work on my house. LOL

  9. Hey, Susie.

    I just wanted to tell you what beautiful pictures you're taking! I've read your blog since Joshua was born and have loved seeing how your picture-taking abilities have grown.

    I'm sure it helps to have someone as beautiful as Oceana to photograph!


  10. Wow it looks like my house right before your wedding with all the last minute hemming and attaching of bows..brings back some wonderful memories. That was precious family time and this will be one for all of you too and I am so happy for all of you. Have a wonderful trip!