Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 7th, 2008

Happy 11 month birthday Little Man.

If you were anything like your sister, you'd be walking and talking. You'd be ripping apart the Christmas presents and pulling decorations off the tree.

But instead, I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking about how excited I am that your little sister is going to be born in a few months. I'm thinking about how different our life will be with 3 babies, instead of 2.

And I'm missing you.

You know what happened a year ago yesterday? Your doctors said you'd die when you were born. Well you sure showed them now, didn't you? You cheeky little boy! I'm so glad you did, it was the best 9 1/2 weeks ever. We'll forever cherish those sixty-seven days.

I love you Buddy.


  1. Love and hugs, Precious Mamma.

  2. Nothing compares to the love of a Mother. What a lucky boy Joshua is.

  3. Lots of love you guys xxxx

  4. hugs & prayers !!!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures

  5. No matter where they are we always miss them and think of them. Out lil men. :)

    You are one special mama. Hugs to you and Oceana.

  6. Happy Birthday Joshua.

    ((HUGS)) family.

  7. Hugs to you, Susie.

    Your boy is beautiful.

    Happy 11 months, Joshua.

  8. Happy 11-month birthday, Joshua!

  9. I'm thinking of your family today as you remember sweet Joshua....

  10. He sure did show the doctors. He said "no, not yet...I will go when I am ready". :) He was so beautiful. God bless.

  11. I was thinking about Joshua today too. How last year at this time I was planning to come for his birth. Such bittersweet excited about the new baby sister and missing Joshua so much. Love and hugs!

  12. Sheesh. These markers sure are hard on a heart. I felt like bawling sitting here reading your letter.