Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Wordless Wednesday With A Twist Theme for November: Spontaneous and Unexpected

I sat down with Oceana yesterday as she was reading books. I was wanting a few good pictures for WWWAT, but didn't expect to use these pictures. They aren't particularly spontaneous to be truthful ... But when I downloaded them with the pictures of the sunset and rainbow that showed up in my yard last night, I realised I had bad shots!

I couldn't use the ones I wanted, and I was excited to discover this collection was actually really good!


  1. her hair is getting girly and longish, yayyyy Oshee!

  2. What a doll face!!! She is precious!
    Emily in Mississippi

  3. I love seeing young children with books!
    Your close up pics are really good!

  4. Ya know, I've seen a million pics of Oceana on your blog & each time I've wondered who she looked more like--you or your husband. I guess I haven't noticed how much she looks like her MAMA (!!!) til this last pic in this post. Wow. That profile is totally Susie!

  5. You're absolutely right. These shots are really good. It's hard to go wrong when you have such a great subject!

  6. Hey Susie,

    I got your email(your Christmas letter) and I can't open it!! Can you try and send it again or put it up on your blog? Thanks!!! Oceana is adorable!