Thursday, October 2, 2008

Overwhelmed doesn't begin to cover it...

First of all, this has nothing to do with the post. But this right here? This is what happens when a) the kid can reach the fruit bowl, b) you tell her (once) to get herself an apple c) you clean the living room at the end of the day. There was a fourth one somewhere else too. I think I'll have to make some apple crumble or something this weekend. No one wants to eat around 3-day old baby bite marks. Ew.

Now the overwhelmed part.

Next week I'm doing another dance elective for the holiday program (I did one back in July). I had my music picked out and was starting (far far far far far too late) to think about choreography. Then I looked up the words. It's a "Christian" band - their music is sort of "wholesome" non-Christian if that makes sense. The song is about teeny-bopper love. Here's the Youtube video.

Here's my dilemma, the pastor and half the church are away this week. I can't ask anybody there if this song is okay. It doesn't say anything bad - it's just not what I'd prefer to use. The follow problem is - I'm already weeks behind. I shoudl be finished with the dance, not just picking out music three days before I start. And I can't find anything else I like. So now what?

Let me ask you moms - these kids are 7-11 (normally, but potentially ages 5-12). They're all in public school, so they're probably not quite as sheltered as I'd like to hope. But would you have a problem with your kid dancing to this song at a Christian holiday program/VBS?

I need opinions FAST! Thank you!

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  1. Possibly an issue with my computer but I couldn't see a link to a video or an embedded video.

  2. The kids in the video are "wholesome" ... all of that good stuff. They have a bit of an edge, but as you said, kids in the public schools will be used to all of that crazy stuff.

    Yeah, they may come off as being over the top to some people, but I think it is a decent choice. If nothing else, the kids will have a blast with the song and everyone will have a great time.

    Check out the Doodlebops. If you take off their wigs and costumes, their dancing resembles hip-hop ( I hate that word) dancing too. Have fun with it. Fill us in on what you decide.

  3. Hi! :)

    I'm not a mommy (I'm 16), but I've been reading your blog for a while. I found it through someone who read Confessions of a CF Husband; they linked to it in a post they wrote, and I've been visiting ever since.

    Just a personal opinion: I don't think this song is very biblical. "I've got nothing to do but think about you" ... if "you" means God, then I have no problem. But I don't necessarily like the idea of preteens dancing to a song that glorifies having a debilitating, consuming obsession over a crush. When I was 11, I used to "force" myself to have crushes because that's what everyone else in sixth grade was doing, and I wanted to fit in. Does that kind of peer pressure have to extend into church? "Don't stir up or awaken love before it pleases." - Song of Solomon

    I feel kinda bad for writing this because I know you're behind and you don't need to deal with choosing another song, but it's just my two cents. It's definitely better than many of the things on the radio, though.

    Good luck with whatever you decide on doing. :)

  4. My kids eat fruit like that too!

    The lyrics aren't my favorite to be honest. I would look for something else.

    Good luck!

  5. Hi Susie! Okay in regards to the older crowd? Fine. Actually I didn't know about this group but after watching several videos on you tube I think my 11 1/2 yr old would really like them.

    The littles? If they have older sibs they'll be great w/ it & might even know the lyrics. Won't understand but probably like the beat.

    All in all? Maybe.

    Have you heard of a group called "nuttin but stringz"? They're two brothers who play the violin & boy, can they rock! Usually no words but what there is not derogatory or inflammatory. Just two boys (actually they are men now) have'n fun on the "fiddle"! Check 'em out on you tube. You can goggle them & their back story is pretty amazing too.

    I wish you lots of luck!

  6. As mom of two former 7-11 year olds (they're 16 and 14 now =] ) I think the song is fine and would be upbeat and fun to dance to.

  7. I know it might be considered a stretch but the lyrics (at least the chorus) could sound like they are talking about God (i.e. "It's like I got nothing to do but think about u
    I've got all the time in the world
    If you look in my heart
    U'll know from the start
    That's its all I can do
    Not to think about u"). I copied the lyrics from the internet. Like I said, it could be a stretch. Is there any way you could get the instrumentals without the lyrics?

    Good Luck

  8. I think it's a very cute song. And I don't think I would have any issue with it if my 7 year old was dancing around to it. Guess it depends on how scrutining your audience is.

  9. Susie-
    I think it is fine.
    Just wanted to add (since you said that you are not crazy about the song) that Nicole C. Mullen a christian artist has a a lot of great kid friendly energetic songs. I just saw her at the Women Of Faith Conference and she has a dance team of teenagers that go around with her. Her songs are very fun and hip. I believe the kids she works with even have an album out but am not having much luck finding it. I have a video and audio of them singing and dancing at WOF and can download it to YOutube in the morning (my AM;) I would do it now but it will take a long time and I am off to watch the great debate between VP candidates.
    PS Do you guys vote absentee ballot or just skip voting just curious.
    Good Luck with your songs.
    Rachel in PA

    Praying for you and your growing baby and your heart to continue to hea.

  10. It's not a "bad" song, but no, I wouldn't want my daughter dancing to it at VBS. I think you need a song about God. Sorry. I hope you can find something.

  11. Have you ever heard of PureNRG. They have some really good songs for this age group. You can find some videos if you search their name on youtube.

  12. I don't think I would be upset about my daughter dancing to it, but I'm not sure how it fits into VBS. Then again, I would have a problem if my 7 or 11 year old daughter was that obsessed with a boy. All in all, I think there are better choices, but I don't think that the song is inappropriate.

  13. Ok, I'm torn. Its not "bad" but I'm not crazy about it either. If you're seriously short on time then I don't know that its worth putting yourself through trying to find something you like better. I think it depends a lot on the dance moves as well. At a church I used to attend they had the kids dance to Mambo know "a little bit of monica in my life, a little bit of ericka by my side" etc and the moves were quite sexualized and I felt were quite inappropriate especially with that age group and in that setting. Your song with appropriate dance moves would probably be totally fine, even if its not ideal. sorry for such a lengthy reply!

  14. I hate to write this, as I know you are already behind. But, I think that I would look for a different song.

  15. I dont think its a bad song...I do however think maybe it is a little old for the age group....Kids dont need to spend all their time thinking about their I wouldnt be offended if my child danced to it however I dont think that its the best choice for VBS...And I feel bad saying its not your best choice without being able to give you a possible alternative... But Im honestly not all that up to date with christian music so Im of no help in that department... good luck and Im sure whatever you put together the kids will have a great time and it will turn out wonderfully.

  16. In all honesty, I don't think I'd want my kiddos dancing to it. I'm sorry to say that. It's one of those borderline things - but you don't want to walk a line on that - you want to have more ok with it than not and I think that one's too close.


  17. My mom always tells me "When in doubt, don't."

  18. I'm another "no". Not for that age group and not at that venue. At a secular dance studio and at their annual recital I might expect it (but not necessarily be OK with it) but not for what you've talked about. Sorry. I don't think it's so much about what the kids are already exposed to but the standard which we want to impress upon them. If I think of a different cool song I'll post it.

  19. What about "Pure" by Superchick? You can hear it on Or something else by them or by Barlow Girl. "Beautiful You" by Considering Lily or "Supermodel" by Kendal Payne are also really good, lots of fun and remind us that it's what's on the inside that counts. Good luck!

  20. I've just been reminded that it's "SupermodelS" by KendalL Payne. Apparently when tired my brain likes to leave off letters. Also, that song uses the R word which I really hate and it's too bad because I loved that song before I was aware of what a horrible word that is. "Beautiful You" is better anyway in that it doesn't put anyone down, even supermodels. :)

  21. Sorry, Susie - I'm a "no" vote as well. The song is kinda cute, and the kids singing seem okay, but it would be a stretch to say it is appropriate for a dance routine at VBS.

    Nicole C. Mullins (as mentioned by another reader) is a great choice - she's got some really catchy beats and God honoring lyrics.

    I also agree with the person who wrote "When in doubt, don't" That's pretty sound advice.

    Praying for you to find a great solution!

  22. I have mixed feelings about it. I mean, I get what you mean about it being "wholesome, non-Christian". The lyrics are not bad but I can see where it would be a little too hip-hop for a church thing. I don't's a tough call. It definitely is not bad but use your judgment. However, the kids would have fun with it. It's a very upbeat song.

  23. It's not a "bad" song, per se. But to be honest, I would be offended if it were part of a VBS program, where the kids are supposed to be focusing on God, etc. The kids (and parents) may not pay that much attention to the lyrics, but they don't seem very honoring to God (talking about some crush, etc.)

  24. Hi I've spent the last three days reading your life story and you have truly inspired me!!! I'm a 20 year old university student from Manitoba, Canada. I've spent some time looking for some songs I would've found inspiring at that age this is what I found:
    Aint no mountain high enough-pureNRG
    Here we go again- pureNRG
    We live- Superchick
    Every move I make- Hillsong
    I think they have a pretty good beat to dance to, but I'm not sure. Hope that helped a bit. I'm praying for you and you family as well as the miracle growing inside of you... I believe all babies are miracles, thank you for sharing the story of you dear son. I found you through Jolene's blog (Noah's Mom)

  25. Susie,
    Been reading your blog for quite some time now but don't know you personally. But from what I do know, if you're doubting yourself then you have your answer. Ask God to send you the right song. He already knows your timeframe and he as well as I know your capabilites.

    Look forward to hearing from you again

    Sonja FL

  26. The comments are overwhemingly in favour of choosing another song. I like the comment - when in doubt don't. Hope you can find another quickly. Let's pray for the appropriate song to pop into your lap ASAP.