Friday, October 24, 2008

New Glasses

Four years ago I came home from college for Thanksgiving. I had been having trouble seeing at night on the road, and having trouble focussing after reading - I just happened to mention it while I was home. My mother told me that Matt would have to drive me back to school, that I must leave my car home, and must not drive again until I'd had an eye check. I was not thrilled.

I couldn't get glasses then, because of the quick break, but got an eye exam as soon as I came home on Christmas break. I was told that I most certainly did need glasses, had astigmatism, and at the ripe old age of 19, needed bifocals. I was not thrilled.

But four years of life have beaten them up. I'm not very careful with my glasses, and have made some pretty silly moves - leaving them hanging on stuff, sat on them, watched my cousin jump onto a bed (one of those jumping flight things) and land squarely on my new-adjusted glasses. they have some serious scratches on them. I thought it was just the fact that they were dirty, until I realized that the "dirt" wasn't coming off anymore.

Matt surprised me a few weeks ago with a note for my next optometry appointement. Hehehe. I got new glasses!

New ones (with a new, stronger prescription, curse you prescription-altering pregnancy hormones!)

Old ones. Yes, they do look different. Not by much though - bouth a slim, navy blue wire frames.

But I much prefer the new ones. I think they look less like my mother's reading glasses, which is ALWAYS a plus in my book. (I love you Momma, but I'm still gonna make fun of your glasses!)

The great news? Oh YES! I went to pick them up yesterday. I was excited about them (if a bit apprehensive, will I still like them this week? After all, I am pregnancy and can change my opinion on a dime). I brought Havie and Oceana with me - we were continuing on to Mainly Music. I was fitted, collected my warranty card and headed to the register. I was supposed to pay for the glasses and the original appointment all in one. I knew this. I was prepared for this. I had asked Matt the night before if the account was "ready" for that transaction.

I opened my wallet and saw my cards were messed up. That's not unusual, I often let Oceana play with it. She's pretty good about putting everything back in, if not in the right spots. I pulled all the cards out, looking for the "yellow one". I got a bit more anxious as the cards furiously came out. The IRD card, the gift card, the licenses (US and NZ), the credit card (which I remember swiping all of ONCE before), and my birth certificate card. But no "yellow one". Uh... Ok... I opened up the cash side. Maybe she put it in with the coins. Or with my pictures? Frantically I grabbed at my bag, perhaps it fell out?

I sent Havie out to the car to look in the backseat - the last place Oceana played with my wallet. She came back with nothing. I was starting to get REALLY nervous. I went out, unbuckled the carseat and turned it upside down, I checked the car's pockets, under the seats, everything I could thing of! I walked back in with my tail between my legs and asked if I could leave the glasses and have my husband stop by later to pay with his card.

I felt like a moron. I'd already had to ask for the "economy" frames when I came the first time. I didn't want to look like I didn't have the money! I called Matt, hoping he'd say to put it on a credit card, or that he knew where my card was. But he was in a meeting and not answering his phone. Ak!

I left, feeling like more and more of a moron. We drove 5 minutes down the road and parked at our next destination.

I pulled Oceana out of her carseat and reached my hand into the little pockets on the side, just out of curiosity.

That daggone yellow card had stayed in the pocket even after I turned it upside down!

Oh well. I hope I don't meet that lady anywhere else though. And certainly not at the grocery store if I ever haven't got my wallet on me!

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  1. Way cute new glasses... I love it when I get a new pair. It's always a decision... noticeable/not noticeable? I love the blue in those my duaghter got some like that when I worked at the eye doctor and I loved them on her and they look so cute on you too.

  2. I always have a horrible time picking out new frames. I've had glasses since grade school. :( The first pair I picked out on my own was in middle school and they were HIDEOUS. I thought I liked them ... BECAUSE I COULDN'T SEE THEM. :( Why did my parents not tell me they were HUGE and A REALLY UGLY SHADE OF BLUE? HUH I ask you this because I spent the next 6 plus years being made fun of for the glasses.

    Finally went the next time with a girl friend. Figured she'd be honest with whether they looked horrible. They were better, but they were PURPLE and were wired and weird.

    Next time went with a boyfriend (who turned into my now husband) ... he and the lady that worked in the frame department did a wonderful job. Slowly but surely I have turned from huge hideous blue glasses to fisher price (bc they were the ones that actually fit me) to Kate Spade. :) *wooo hoooo*

    On the inside of my frames .. they are LIME GREEN ... no one can see that, but me. :)

  3. Hi Susie,

    I have been reading your blog weekly since I came across it, looking for other families who have children with an encephalocele. I also have a son born with an encephalocele, he is now 10 years old. He is considered profound disabled. He was not supposed to live after being born according to the doctors. If you are interested check out my blog. I'm not very good at my blog yet, but still learning.

    Michelle in S.C.

  4. very embarassing indeed...have had that happen several times:) Is it a small town? that's the worst...when you know you will see the person again...ugh!

  5. I always hate when I misplace my card! Its the worst. Glad you like your new glasses :)

  6. haha, love the "story". I was looking at the b4 and after photos and was like, "oh wow, i cant believe she had taken a picture of herself with her old glasses on and the same stripped shirt? wow, how did she find that picture.." 2 minuets later, Mom was like, "christina, she took 2 pictures, one with new glasses then one with old glasses... same day.." I was like "hahahahaha, ooooh!!!" way blonde moment...

  7. I love, love your new frames!

  8. Those new glasses are cute! I really like them :) I haven't gotten new glasses in YEARS since I typically wear contacts 12+ hrs. a day. I think if I got a pair of glasses I really *loved* I would wear them much more! :)

  9. new glasses are the best - and yours are great!