Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Real Life

Over at FarmFreshIowa, it was time for the "It's Real Life" but even though she warned us it was coming nearly a week ago, it still took me until TODAY to do my photos. Which basically means that I'm a day behind, since it's supposed to be a Thursday carnival. But whatever. You won't mind too much will you?

So what's real life about all that? I am a chronic procrastinator. In fact, right now I am ignoring vacuuming, kitchen, putting away laundry, and a load of wet laundry in the washer. I'm good at procrastination.

Our day began at a semi-reasonable hour. Just a few minutes to 7am, Oceana woke up crying. She always does. If she ever just calls, I am in shock. She's a grumpy-waker-upper!

6:57am Oceana asked to go toilet. I thought it made a pretty cute photo. I took a photo of myself, but that's getting deleted. That is a blackmail shot if I ever saw one. I'm not pretty in the morning, no pretending there. Eek! And apparently I blink early in the morning. Two pictures and I look like a preverabial zombie. So we're simply not going there.

I'm a pretty bad waker-upper too. We turn on the TV, pop in a video (Finding Nemo today) and I grab the laptop. I have a pretty normal routine, including Blogger, Google Reader, Gmail, Yahoomail, and Facebook. It's usually an hour of me sitting on my butt, and Oceana watching TV and playing. It takes me a long time to wake up. I use to do this with my coffee. But.... no more coffee. At least not at 7am.

We don't do sit down breakfast, it's usually just a bowl of cereal or a few pieces of toast, for me and Oceana.

Around ten to 8 I went upstairs to make sure Matt was awake. Today was a bit of a different day, I need to be out by 8:45 normally on a Friday, but today it was 8:15 - Matt too.

In good form, I wore the same clothes as yesterday - but they were clean. Haha.

Here I am after several failed attempts at a picture - having fixed yesterday's hair with a fair amount of hair gel and hairspray. Oh and some makeup to hide the allergies issue. My eyes look like I've been crying all day without it.

We made a flying trip to the ship, came in for the DTS and crew devotions. One of the DTS teams leaves this afternoon/evening for Samoa, so we were spending that last devotional time together. It wasn't a good time to take pictures, but oh well.

At 9:15 I had to leave before the devotional ended, because I had to be at the church by 9:30. It was pouring rain and Oceana had to be carried. I brought the umbrella, but apparently it's had a long life and needs to be retired. The thing was coming apart and sticking pieces of metal all over the place! It's Mainly Music today - which is a Mommy and Me music program. Oceana loves it. I'm a "leader" or helper there. It helps to have a Mom up the front doing the actions with a child.

This is the Five Little Speckled Frogs song. Oceana loves this one! She sings all day long and this is definitely in the daily repertoire. She's on the right side in a pink shirt with a white flower. She insisted on wearing her bathing suit top. Ugh.

Then we made a quick trip to the pharmacy for a pregnancy-related necessity. Oh the joys of being pregnant. Then we went to see "Baby Jayden". Remember the 17 year old Mom Kirsty I mentioned before? Her little boy Riley was stillborn, but his twin Jayden survived. This is Jayden! It's he just amazing!?!?! Oceana loves him to pieces.

He's so big now! He's 10lbs+, but he was 4lbs at birth - he came 8 weeks early.

And this is Kirsty with Jayden. My friend Belinda (owns a babies photography business) has been photographing him for several months - and I took my camera today to snag a few shots.

Unfortunately I can only take you up to naptime. This is Oceana playing before naptime - with her backpack full of kitchen supplies. Yes, that's a bathing suit top, undies, and sneakers. Whatever is all I have to say about that attire.

She's still asleep nearly 3 hours later, and my living room is only slightly cleaner...

I have to make dinner. I'm going to the kitchen, I just didn't get a shot (it was one of the requirements).



  1. I can honestly say that the photo of Oceana on her little potty is soooo precious! Don't Ever loose that puppy!

    Don't feel bad about procrastinating. My parents are coming to visit for a week tomorrow & my house still isn't fumigated! (My mom's allergic to the big dogs we have that are a necessity out here)

  2. The potty shot is an absolute classic. I am always amazed at how different our eyes look when we first wake up. Oce is gorgous, this is fantastic!!!

  3. I love your Blog header. Mommy and me music sound fun!
    Have a great day,

  4. I so sympathaize with your allergy situation... we are both in the same boat. I hate allergies... I always say I don't need my sinus' just take them out... but how do you remove sinuses? They have to have a purpose right? I wake up every morning and my eyes are so swollen and the bags are scary... I totally relate to you when you discuss allergies.

  5. Those pictures are too cute!!! Hope you're feeling good and that the allergies let up soon.

  6. Looks like a great day! I am with you --especially on the allergies & procrastination! And the outfits children insist upon!

    ((Hugs)) from IA

  7. And also, while those pictures are the cutest, they are not ones to be included in the wedding slideshow..ha ha! We certainly had some cute pictures of you and Matt, but none so revealing! Give Oceana a hug and kiss and "love you" from Gramma.