Sunday, September 14, 2008

Photographer for the Day

I'm not much of a photographer. I would love to take classes, learn more, take better shots, but that's just not something I can give time or money to at the moment. 

I don't claim to know a lot, but I do know a good shot from a bad shot. Darned if I know how to fix it a lot of the time, but I know what's bad. 

Last year I was simply a mum with a point-and-shoot who had a busy toddler and family who lived in another country. It was much matriarchal duty to photograph said child to keep Gramma Sams' photo board full and Desktop with a rotating supply! However, upon Joshua's arrival, my need for good pictures suddenly gripped me. Lots of pictures simply was not good enough. And then the stupid camera died. It was probably due to being dropped so many times, but oh well. 

So we purchased the "big camera". We bought a Canon 350D Canon Rebel XT. It was mostly because we knew we wanted something better, but didn't know what that meant. We email our friend - professional photographer Adam Harriff and asked for suggestions. We didn't really know what we were getting into, beyond a price tag.  

And now? We have an obsession! I don't know if anyone realized it, but our camera came in the mail the morning Joshua's encephalocele burst. It was so good to have fantastic, quality photos of our last days with him. We'd been using my parent's camera, which is okay for basic vacation pictures - but that's about it. If it means anything to you with cameras, the photos are about 500kb each, so I can't do much with them. 

Since then the camera has become a hobby for Matt and I. We've become the family photographers, but only because we have the nicest camera, if not a good knowledge of the camera and its uses. 

Today I'll be photographing my parents. They're making a trip to the US next month and they need new "Prayer Cards". Pardon me if that's a foreign concept. It's basically a picture of them with basic info about who they are and what they do for their friends, family, and supporters. 

We've never done one. We probably should. Bunny trail...... It's like someone said the other day, ADOS, not ADD. ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder, ADOS = Attention Deficit...Ooh! Shiny!

I'll post some of what I take. I hope I get some good shots! Here's to Lucky Shots!


  1. We did our prayer cards through and they came out wonderfully. They were an inexepensive alternative too and we still get compliments on them. I definitely suggest that you guys get some - people really remember you from the prayer cards (on their fridge, at work, etc).

    We have the same camera too and love it. It has really helped to preserve some of the good times along with the bad times.

  2. Thank you so much for the link! The website is still in need of some finishing details and a few rearrangements of pictures, but we've been trying to spread the word on our own and not getting very far cause it feels weird pushing it on people ourselves.

    Adam's really glad you're so in love with your camera. You and I have the same one, it's what I use for shooting as our secondary photographer, as well as all the baby pictures and alot of the teen/senior stuff. It's an amazing camera for the price. Now of course they've made like 3 upgrades, but I wouldn't trade it.

  3. "I'm not much of a photographer".... Yeah right: woteva Susie - I KNOW you are a pretty darn fantastic photographer!!! Have a great day with your parents and I look forward to seeing some of your masterpieces.

  4. I am sure you'll do wonderfully. I love photographing the people I love. I know that special smile, the best way to make them feel comfortable etc., because I KNOW them :)

    I look forward to seeing your parent's pictures!! Have fun :)


  5. I laughed out loud at the ADOS thing! I don't know if you noticed, but on my xanga profile it says "I was going to conquer the world, but I got distracted by something sparkly" I hear you, sister. Amen. *grin*

    And I desperately want a good camera. My point and shoot is the most pathetic thing ever known to man, but Adam brought it for me out of love, so I use it ;)

  6. I am so grateful to have such a thoughtful daughter-in-law that keeps me happy with pictures of her family. I've been able to watch Oceana grow over the last two years because of it. I'm especially thankful for the many pictures of Joshua..they are precious. Thank you, sweetie. Love you.