Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"I found it"

Three weeks ago Matt took our car to get it's warrant (inspection) and it failed on two things. We have a friend who's a mechanic and he promised to source the parts cheap and do the labour free! The only problem was that there wasn't a free weekend or moment for the guy until last night! We've been driving a 2 seater van or getting rides everywhere! It's been annoying, but we dealt with it. 

Last night Matt came in from the car and said, "It smells like something died in there!" I thought he was overreacting! I figured it's an older car, there's probably an apple that rolled under the seat and started to decompose. No problem! I didn't see the car until tonight, and finally Matt went out with a rubbish bin and the vacuum (at 9pm), that's when I realized it was really serious. The smell was horrible. And it did smell like rotten animal. Ooh gross. I checked under all the seats and finally unlocked the boot/trunk to check that. And then...

"I found it."

Three weeks, and 3 days ago was my parent's anniversary part. 

Three weeks, and 3 days ago ago my sister and I were in a hurry and unloaded the car.

Three weeks, and 3 days  ago we forgot two trash bags in the boot, with meat scraps in them. 

Three weeks, and 1 day ago we found out our car wasn't fit to drive. 

Thee weeks ago we parked the car at our office, locked it and walked away. 

Yesterday Matt opened it. 

Meat scraps. In a car. For three weeks. 

No wonder it smelled like rotten animal. 

It did.


  1. That is just so gross! One of my friends put a raw fish in the panneling of another friends car on their wedding day it too about 3 weeks for them to find it as well. I hope you get the smell out!

  2. EWW! I hate it when stuff like that happens. We had that problem one time with fruit flies. Every time I got in the car, fruit flies were everywhere. An apple rolled into one of the bins of the van...

  3. OH YUCK! Reminds me of the time my mom went out of town for a week and left a package of meat sitting on top of the fridge. She had gotten into the freezer to get something out, placed the meat on top (because it was in the way?) and promptly forgot about it.

    UGH. Rotten meat is the WORST smell. Ever.

  4. After you get it cleaned, take a bag of apples, cut them in half and set them around in the car. The apples will absorb the smell. You may have to do it several times, changing the apples out every 24 to 48 hours. Hope this works for you.

  5. Yummy!! I guess the upside is at least it wasn't summer! How much febreeze did you use?

  6. Oh dear... I'm so sorry! I wish I had some awesome miracle wisdom to help you, but all I can think is baking soda :/ Good luck!

  7. oh how gross. I left a milk sippy cup in the car for a few days. Last summer. During a heat wave.

    It had rolled under the seat so it took FOREVER to locate the smell.

    I feel for you guys!

  8. Susie,
    I am not sure if you have already contacted Elijah's mommy, but her post today sounds like she really needs you to talk to. You have been where she is, and she needs to know if her feelings are valid. Thanks and God Bless

  9. EWW...haven't had that exact experience before, but we have definitely done the finding the sippy cup that you thought that you lost a month ago under the seat in the van thing. :) And let me tell you, that doesn't smell to pretty either...:P

    I am really glad that potty training is going good for you and Oce. If you don't mind my asking, how did you know she was ready to go out in public minus a diaper? Hannah has been peeing in the potty pretty well for almost two weeks, and I have debated going for it, but I am still feeling a little chicken :0)


  10. Gross! Thank goodness you found it though!

    Dillon once left a few seashells under his car seat from the ocean that caused a horrible stick. We couldn't figure out what it was for the life of us! Turns out a few of them were mussels that still had the little (dead) crustacean in the shell. Not a good thing in 100+ degree heat locked up in the car. Ewwww! I was ready to just junk it and cut our losses by the end. Even now I'm sometimes convinced I can still smell it, lol.

  11. My son "lost" his cup a while ago. My cat found it while she was running around being a dork. It was under the chair in the living room. I knew there was milk in it and hadn't seen it for days. Therefore, I just picked it up and threw it out. I can get him a new cup and not have to gag on the smell of rotten milk. yuck!

  12. When we first moved to Australia we were living in North (Tropical) Queensland. Nice houses were hard to come by so when we found we we snapped it up, and paid the rent for a few weeks before our furniture arrived from NZ. It was at that point, when we went to move in, that we discovered the previous tenants had emptied the contents of the fridge/freezer into the wheelie bin, and left it parked in the carport. Food scraps (including meat). Big plastic bin. February. Tropical North Queensland. I know what your car smelled like! The good news was we never had to sit in our wheelie bin and drive around.

    How is the hunt for a new car coming along?!

  13. Been there done that, left a bag with steaks in the trunk for a few days in the summer. Yup rotten animals smell gross

  14. Oh girl, that is nasty. Nasty, nasty. Too bad Matt couldn't have found it... hahahaha. Or not.

    Daniel would have NEVER let me forget about it had he "found it."


  15. Apparently, if you go grab some coal, put a tarp or a tray of it in your boot and it will absorb the smell. You may have to change it once or twice. I saw the girls from "How Clean is Your House" (which succeeds in making me feel like I am the most awesome housekeeper ever... watch it... it's good for the soul and the morale *grin*) do it to a fridge that hadn't seen a cleaning rag for it's entire life.

  16. OMG Susie! That is so funny. I'm dying of laughter. We were so tired that night....the rubish was the last thing on our minds. AMAZING. haha....I hope the smell comes out soon. *hugz*

  17. Is this the new car or the old one? Matt said a couple of weeks ago that he might be closing in on one in a couple of days but never said whether you got the car or not:( I get more details from your posts than I do from my own son! I think it's a guy thing.