Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but Oceana didn't sleep on the flight over. I did mention that whole explosive diaper scenario, but that all happened between 8pm-12am when we were flying to Samoa. She'd had a nap in the afternoon, but the excitement of the airport and flying got her adrenaline pumping and sleep wasn't happening. No matter how hard I tried. Her eyes literally closed as the wheels touched down in Samoa. I was so frustrated.

So when we left Samoa I'd been hoping she would sleep well on the flight back. We left for the airport at 10:30pm and she fell asleep straightaway. When we got out at the airport close to 11:30pm she was still asleep. So the others grabbed my bags and I carried Oceana. Into the airport, through the check in line, over to the waiting area, over to the boarding area, and finally I told Matt that my arms were dying. And in a fit of genius he grabbed the carseat and laid it down on the baggage cart!

It looks ucomfortable, but her head was up higher than it looks, her feet were "elevated", haha.

She stayed asleep there untile we went through customs, where baggage carts couldn't go. Poo. So I carried her through the LONG line again, dragging bags behind me. We got to the Gate Lounge and sat down together again for another 2 hours. I woke her up when I tried getting a sweatshirt on her, but she did go back to sleep. In fact the three of us slept through the whole flight...

Mmm... sleeeeeeep.....
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  1. Sleeping with her feet up can't hurt her, my sister used to sleep walk as a toddler/little kid and my mom frequently found her upside down on the stairs, as in, head on the floor and her body draping up the stairs, and she turned out fine, mostly :)

  2. Yeah for sleep!!! Much needed I gather from the reports of the trip. Praying for it in a consistent every night sort of way.

  3. Whatever keeps them asleep, do it, I say. Phenergen works well *wink*