Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More pictures

So, obviously this picture requires some explanation. The chin is what happened last week in the pastor's office. Yay for two-year-old flailing fits. The scratch on her cheek is where she got to close to the (apparently sharp) buckle on my boots last week. She was playing on the floor and stood up close to me and too quickly and got that lovely red welt. Then she found my mascara a few nights later. Yes, the black eye is mascara. But from across the room it looked like our kid was falling apart. We had to laugh, because it was just a combination of issues that hit together. But she doesn't look worse for hte wear does she?

This is where you'll find me. Wow, I didn't realize I slouched so badly. I'm sitting up straight now. Haha.

After I had to scrub all our curtains on Monday(they were moldy from the condensation on the windows - EW!) Oceana insisted on getting a bucket and sponge too! She washed everything! She got soaked. And there was no taking it away. She wasn't thrilled when I finally dumped the bucket out TODAY!

Yeah, we work 'em early. Haha. I'm kidding!!!
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  1. that mascara really brings out the color of her eyes....no seriously though her eyes are gorgeous I've never seen such a light shade of brown for eye color. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh that is so cute seeing her with a bucket and sponge!!! That first one scared the crap out of me. I couldn't imagine what awful thing had happened to her. That is really funny though when you explain it all. haha

  3. tisk, tisk... you've got your feet on the wall too!