Monday, July 7, 2008

Levi William Taylor

It's with pride and sorrow, tears and smiles that I tell you that our friends had their son, Levi, early last night.

Levi's parents were some of our only friends who held Joshua, in fact they were with us one week before he passed away.

Levi William was born on 7/7/08 at 2:33am.

Joshua was born 6 months and 9 minutes previous (because of the time change).

And Levi weighed 6lbs 8oz, just like Joshua.

That little boy Levi will forever be a heavenly reminder to me of my little man. And I'm so happy for Bryce and Christina that their little one who came a month early was okay, even though his cord was wrapped around him.

Welcome to the world Little Levi - I can't wait to meet you. Xoxo

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