Thursday, June 12, 2008

A weekend off

I'm leaving in about 30 minutes to take Oceana to play with Lady Sadie. :) Sadie's my former youth pastor's youngest - who's turning 4 (?) tomorrow. Oceana's going to play with Sadie for the afternoon. I'm going to the Replenish conference in Auckland (3 hour drive). I leave Oceana with Hayden and Carlee and then go to church to catch my ride. I have to leave the car at church - hopefully in the church's one free space, lock the car, and leave the key with the church administrator. If he's not there, or he's leaving before Matt gets back from golfing with Pastor Mike (boys time ... ) I have to leave the car unlocked and put the key somewhere that Matt can find it. It's turned into a big chaos getting away for the conference. But MAN am I determined! I've thought about not going, about how I should just stay home, about missing Oceana, about the house falling into disarray, about the fact that I didn't do all the stuff I needed to do this weekend, and I'll lose two days going away - and you know what? I'M GOING DARN IT! I haven't been this determined about something in a while. I will not let myself feel guilty, or let myself think about not going.
And before anyone suggests it, I know that we should have an extra key for this car, but it's an old car, the key is really worn, and we have to get a key specially made by the code - not just by getting a copy made - and we just haven't gotten around to it since its at least $25 for a new key (which seems steep for a car we're planning to decommission in the next few weeks!)

So with all that said - I'm going to vacuum really quickly, so that I can say I accomplished a little bit of something before I left Oceana with her friend Sadie for the afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend ladies, I will too!

*I'll make myself have fun! And guess what? I'm even bringing my knitting.*

Oh shush - it's a 3 hour car ride there and 3 hours back - I have to do SOMETHING!


  1. Sweet Susie,

    Leave all guilt behind and have yourself a wonderful time. I am praying for huge blessings for you and for you to be restored. Don't worry about the car key thing, sheesh that is 4 gallons of gas for you and 2 gallons and a "spit" for American Mum. Gadzooks!!! And here I have been moaning about $4.69 here in California!! But you know what, I am moaning anyway. This is such a rip-off. Glad you are taking your knitting along and listen, it is not an old lady thing. It is talent. Have fun!!:)

    Love you, Laurie in Ca.

  2. Have a great weekend. Dont worry about the stuff at home, theres always another time for it. Taking car of yourself needs to happen as well. I hope its a great weekend for you.

  3. Susie
    Your mentioning the cost of copyihg a key, past post on cost of gas gives us small insites into life in NZ, you also mentioned cost of your rental when you moved. Seems we have an opportunity to learn from you, those facts are interesting to me.What are the grocery stores there like, how do the towns & cities compare to US towns & cities? I assume they have socialized medicine there,how does that work exactly? Do you pay taxes to cover it? I know it didn't help much with Joshua..
    I am glad you are getting away, you need it honey.. Cathy P in Virginia

  4. Suzie, please pray for Marie, they just called me they are taking her to the Dr. because she hasn't felt the Elijah move since last night. I'll keep you posted...

  5. Hope you have a great time!!!

  6. I am so glad I stopped by your blog today... I was SURE I had put you on my google reader, therefor I hadn't been checking. Ooops! I'm going to add you right now. :)

    Have a wonderful trip and don't feel guilty... you deserve it and you'll all feel renewed at the end. :)


  7. Have a great time!!

    By the way, while I'm thinking of it now (for about the gazillionth time--how do you pronounce Oceana's name? Is it like Ocean with an 'ah' at the end? Or, is it like 'Oh-Shana'? Or maybe 'Oh-see-ann-ah' or 'Oh-see-ahh-nah'.

    I know it doesn't really relate to your post, but I've been wondering that for awhile. It's such a pretty name however you pronounce it!