Friday, June 20, 2008


I know that some of you were confused with my comment regarding "NZ toilets". And I found it funny that I had forgotten that it's a bit difficult for Americans/Canadians to imagine anyone uses anything else! Haha. Well, sorry to bust your bubble North America! :) Actually, the most common toilet in the world is the Squatti. Which I will not be discussing. But if curiosity gets the better of you, Wikipedia had an article. So anyways. I was sitting here and thought, maybe they aren't that different. I turned around to Havalah, who only left the US two weeks ago and asked her if they were - and she concurs! Definitely different!

Major differences:

American Toilets: Made all of porcelain, minus the random wooden or vinyl seat base.
NZ Toilets: Base is porcelain, seat, lid, and tank are most often made from plastic. The newest ones are looking more like US toilets, but anything less than 5-10 years old is still a lot of plastic.

American Toilets: Tank connected at the back.
NZ Toilets: The older kind are mounted on the wall for gravity's help in flushing.

American Toilets: Flush hole is at the back, water flushes from all sides.
NZ Toilets: Flush hole in closer to the front - so that when you walk in the bathroom you don't see the hole if the lid is up. Water flushes from the front primarily.

American Toilets: Flush handle to the side of the tank, plastic or metal.
NZ Toilets: Buttons on the top or front of tank. One for a little flush, one for a "larger" flush.

American Toilets: Seat is usually pretty round
NZ Toilets: Seat is more oval shaped, quite long

American Toilets: If you want to lean back you can
NZ Toilets: You can't really lean back, you feel like you're going to fall off - probably because of a longer seat and a plastic lid.

So there you go. Not entirely different, but definitely some differences. If you want a laugh, check out the Japanese Bidet. That's hoot!

- Don't worry, I'll keep blogging even though Havie's here. :) Even though I have talk to much in the last 48 hours that I'd forgotten how much I COULD talk. Hello 1am....


  1. Actually, when I saw the picture, the only thing that stood out to me was the shape of the part that connects the seat/lid part with the tank. Other than that, it looks pretty standard to our toilets here in Texas.

  2. oh the memories - I lived in Japan for a year - I remember soon after I got to Japan, I wrote a letter home to my friends describing some of the differences I was encountering - who knew you could write so much about the humble toilet! Squat toilets were pretty standard - my first and only attempt at skiing ended with my leg in plaster - still in Japan - home of the squat toilet. Enough said.

  3. Another difference I noticed when I first traveled to the USA, was that the toilet bowls are already filled with water...I thought it was blocked :)

  4. another beautiful angel cele baby
    Thoughts and prayers are with you
    Hugs xoxoxo

  5. that's funny... I had never really thought about toilets being different. I know the kind you are talking about though and I like the way they look more.

    blogging about toilets... fun! :)


  6. I have just spent the last 20 minutes reading about toilets and Toilet paper in different countries. I love Wilkepedia they have everything things I would never thought to have looked up.
    Anyway off to clean my house. Maybe I will start with my toilet haha. It does need it. By the way I thought your house looked good the other day in your improptu photos. My house is a disaster as usual and I can't imagine taking photos and putting the on my blog right now.
    Enjoy your time with your sister.
    Rachel in PA

  7. Don't forget that NZ toilets often have two buttons. Each controlling the water capacity depending on what gift you just gave the sewers...