Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Saturday

Ooh look! Another camera subject. Another WILLING camera subject. I even got asked to take pictures when her boyfriend Dahv gets here. Woohoo!

I love love love this sunset.

Fiddling with the focus.

Someone else who wants to hold Oceana. With three adults around the house, we should be able to keep her happy right? Nope. She's been GRUMPY the last few days. Grrr. Up at 6am and screaming at us because - well, it's 6am and who wouldn't be screaming about being wide awake!?!?!?


In other news:

We had friends over for dinner last night - which is a first. Very very cool! And it made for a nice dinner too. Hahaha. We tried making mini cheesecake. Not altogether bad, but definitely not turtle cheesecake from a store. Oooh... turtle cheesecake. Somebody get me a rag, I'm drooling on myself!

It's pouring rain at the moment. Blah. It started yesterday evening, and it's just gray and gross outside. Havie said it best - this is a perfect day to curl up in PJs all day long. I concur. But a photographer may come today for pictures (Joshua's story will be in a magazine next weekend) so goodness knows PJs just ain't gonna cut it.

It's 8.07am and I've been up for 2 hours - of course I have. Blah. And we're watching The Wedding Planner. Because at 6am you've GOT to find something to do besides concentrate on the fact that both weekend days you were awake moments before 6am. And then there was GO Show on - and like I told Havie, "I wanna poke my eyes out". It's all geeky singing and silly little stories about astronauts that are afraid of heights. It makes Blues Clues look intelligent. Gak!

I love the line from Wedding Planner, "Wait a minute! Hold the phone! Do you mean to tell me that you love her, and she loves you, and neither of you guys got married today?" - "Yes, that's what I'm saying." - "Then what the H377 are you standing around talking to us for?!?"

Makes me laugh every time.

On that note, I need more coffee and a shower.

Oh, and I quote Havie, as she said to Oce. "Mommy's bloggy friends don't like me because I'm taking her away from them."

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  1. And not that we're not glad to see you, but I'm happy your friend is there taking you "away" from us (if you know what I mean). Enjoy her visit! :)

  2. your pictures are amazing! Your getting so much better with the camera!

  3. hi susie - i've noticed you've blogged about tough nights with oce for a LONG time now. I swear to you, 3 tough mom nights with Oceana will make it worth it. you have to make her stay in bed and sleep alone and be a big girl or you'll pay for it in the long run (and now!) you deserve some stability in your life now..."teach your children well or else it's hell" she's running your whole sleep/wake schedule.

    you can do it!!!

  4. Susie,

    You seem like such an amazing person. I am glad to have found someone who loves photography as much as I do. I just figured out how to post them to my blog and am very excited to start sharing them.

    Your family is in my prayers. His life was an inspiration and I thank you for sharing it.