Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Grownup

Let's try this again. I had a post all typed and Oceana was flipping out and hit my hand. Voila, deleted post. Grrr.

This is my sister Cate. She turned 21 yesterday! We couldn't be there with her, but my sister Havie was there. Cate's in nursing school right now, halfway through her 2nd of 3 years. She's a genius. And I'm not saying, "Oh, you little genius, you." No. I'm saying my mother refused to divulge the IQ number to us siblings, for fear that we would all stop doing our schoolwork since we were FAR surpassed by her stinking smartness. Blah! :)

Cate's a semi-blonde, who insists on colouring her hair red/black/dark brown most of the time (which suits her actually). She's a fan of bright colors and black - as you can see above. In fact, its most normal to see Cate with a bright tank top underneath a black cardigan or tshirt. She's a fan of big bright jewelry - again displayed above. She's a fan of what I would term Christian pop-punk music, though she may kill me for calling it that. She's a chronic nailbiter like me, unless something has changed in the last few months. :)
She's the girlfriend of a delightful man named Drew - who she found in the South Island of New Zealand. She's pretty chuffed with her find. (Chuffed- thrilled, proud).

So Happy Birthday Catie-Did. HAAHAAHAH. You're forever emblazoned in the web as "Catie-Did".

don't hurt me.
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  1. hey goose!
    well i wont hurt you ... yet! I dont see you till december remember?
    For the record - I'm not a genius - geniuss... geniuses.... geni-i?? (have i proven my point) dont get 78s on science exams psht!
    not bitter.
    But anyways - love you Goose - loved the video yesterday - you're awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday, Cate! What a nice tribute to your sister!

  3. haha I am quite delightful arn't i ? hehe :-)