Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm sure that by now you - the bloglanders - have noticed that I usually post at least once, if not several times a day. And for the last few days, I've been intermittent at best. Whiel I'd like to blame it on the 67-67 issue (Joshua lived 67, Joshua gone 67)... it's not anymore heavy on my mind than his death usually is. But here's a quick rundown of the week thus far.

Monday -
A lot of work on the magazine. Some cleaning. Some laundry. Scrubbed the living room floor.

Tuesday -
Hated the fact that the house looked horrible, so I went to work so that I didn't have to look at it. I'm crazy, I know. It was a disaster. Got a lot of work done. Went to Life Group (Home group) and hugn out. That's always fun. I shared about my 'Favourite Sermon'. Ha! I just shared what's been on my heart for the last 9 months. I'm sure I've shared it before. But here's the quick run down.
Joshua in the Bible was named Hoshea. Hoshea means "Saviour". Moses, his mentor and "boss" renamed him Joshua, because it means "Jehovah Saves". Joshua needed to be reminded he wasn't the one accomplishing stuff - it was his God instead. In Deuteronomy 31 Joshua's spoken to twice, the words "Be Strong and Courageous". And then Moses dies, passes leadership of the nation over to Joshua, and Joshua's pretty unsure of his position I guess. Because just a few chapters later, God says to Joshua three times in Joshua 1 to "Be Strong and Courageous". Finnnnnallllly in Joshua 10 - Joshua turns around to the nation he's leading and tells them, "Be Strong and Courageous". It took Joshua long time to get it.
That's encouraging to me because now I know that even the "Big-Wigs" in the Bible had to hear stuff a lot before it "clicked".
And he probably didn't feel strong or courageous. I didn't feel it when we were walking through Joshua's journey. I still don't. But I guess I am - because ya'll keep telling me. :)

Wednesday -
Went to "Stretch and Grow" a program I help out with at the church. It's for teenage moms. Met two new girls. Had a bit of a "Eek" moment when I realized they were both 17. The other two moms are 18. Ak. And I felt young....
Took Oceana to work for a few minutes at lunch to see Daddy and ended up chatting with the girls for a while. (Nesi's pregnant and very curious about pregnancy stuff - I guess I'm not shy). She said today, "Susie will you be my LMC?" (Lead Maternity Careprovider) Hahaha. That's a midwife or a obstetrician usually... Nah, just a doula in training who's never seen anyone else's births)

Thursday -
Walked to work at the last minute. Made it in 30 minutes, which I was proud of. I had Matt's shuffle on and was racing the songs to "the next lampost", "the next driveway". I'm such a dork...
Did a lot of work on the magazine. Asked our office admin about when the magazine needs to be done in order to mail it with the June mailing. The answer? Next Tuesday. Crap. I have three or four more articles to write, and two or three major articles to write for MR Europe's magazine - which are due either tomorrow or Saturday. Only one is partially finished. Ooops.
Made pumpkin soup and creamed corn biscuits, also stirfry and rice. Couldn't decide, so I made small portions of both. I was dying for pumpkin soup, but Matt doesn't like it. So I was a nice wifey... Oceana acted like she was going to eat both, but ate neither.
Folded laundry. Endless laundry.
Helped Matt cut his hair. Now I itch like crazy.

Friday's projection?
My youth pastors from 5-9 years ago are coming for morning tea. I hope they bring their three year old, I've never met her.
A lot of work on the magazine and the MRE articles.
Putting away 6 loads of laundry, and hanging out 2. No joke, at least 6 loads. I haven't put away laundry in weeks. But it's folded on the couch now, so it's gotta be gone before my visitors come!
Beyond that? Printing some stuff out for a friend's baby shower on Saturday.
And deciding what I'm making for the baby shower. I need to bring a batch of cookies, scones, brownies... Something. Can't decide. I'd like to try date scones, but I've never made them before, and I don't want to mess them up.
Make a meal plan for next week.
Make a shopping list to match the above.
Go shopping.
Watch American Idol. Don't tell me who won. My main sight is when I get online, so I know. But we're like 4 or 5 weeks behind here. It's dumb. But I must say I'm happy with what I know. :)

But the plan for now? Bed. It's 11:45pm.


  1. Ha Ha...I hear you on the laundry issue. I had several loads of laundry sitting on our couch for a couple of weeks that I just put away today. Don't feel so bad.

  2. And the winner of American Idol is...... Just kidding!!!!
    Hope you have a great day!!!

  3. Wow! You have been really busy!! I really like your "favorite sermon." It is a good reminder to know that even the people in the Bible weren't perfect all the time :) Hope that the magazine comes together smoothly. Have a great day!

    p.s. would you mind passing along the recipe for creamed corn biscuits? they sound really good. Thanks!

  4. Pumpkin soup? I'd love to have the recipe! Sounds intriging! (but for some reason, that doesn't look right on the spelling of intriging. Maybe it's intriguing?) Anyway...sounds interesting!

  5. Susie: Don't know why, but you've been on my mind lately. Wondering how you're doing, etc. Just want to say you ARE Strong and Courageous ....... just like Joshua!! He must have shared his courage with you!!! Hugs from a Grammy in Texas

  6. Some Mothers Get Babies With Something More
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    Every mother wants so much more. She wants perfectly healthy baby with a round head, rosebud lips, button nose, beautiful eyes and satin skin. She wants a baby so gorgeous that people will pity the Gerber baby for being flat-out ugly. She wants a baby that will roll over, sit up and take those first steps right on schedule (according to the baby development chart on page 57, column two). Every mother wants a baby that can see, hear, run, jump and fire neurons by the billions. She wants a kid that can smack the ball out of the park and do toe points that are the envy of the entire ballet class. Call it greed if you want, but a mother wants what a mother wants.

    Some mothers get babies with something more. Maybe you're one who got a baby with a condition you couldn't pronounce, a spine that didn't fuse, a missing chromosome or a palate that didn't close. The doctor's words took your breath away. It was just like the time at recess in the fourth grade when you didn't see the kick ball coming, and it knocked the wind right out of you.
    Some of you left the hospital with a healthy bundle, then, months, even years later, took him in for a routine visit, or scheduled him for a checkup, and crashed head first into a brick wall as you bore the brunt of devastating news. It didn't seem possible. That didn't run in your family. Could this really be happening in your lifetime?

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    I wonder how you endure the clichés and the platitudes, the well-intentioned souls explaining how God is at work when you've occasionally questioned if God is on strike. I even wonder how you endure schmaltzy columns like this one-saluting you, painting you as hero and saint, when you know you're ordinary. You snap, you bark, you bite. You didn't volunteer for this, you didn't jump up and down in the motherhood line yelling, "Choose me, God. Choose me? I've got what it takes."

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    You are the mother, advocate and protector of a child with a disability. You're a neighbor, a friend, a woman I pass at church and my sister-in-law.

    You're a wonder.

  7. Praying for you Susie! I know how hard reality hits sometimes. You are amazing. I pray for you guys each day!

  8. Hi Susie,

    You are one busy girl and I admire you for getting things done. I wish I lived close, I'd help you do your laundry. I know, so many people hate it but I'd rather do it than scrub toilets or floors any day. You are strong and courageous in the Lord Susie. Joshua's life is teaching you this each day you go forward. I don't think it is a feeling, it is a walk. One foot in front of the other kind of walk. I see you doing it and you bless me so much. I think of Joshua so much as I pray for Elijah's upcoming birth. You know this path so intimately and I know you will be an encouragement to his parents. May your weekend be blessed with many little treasures of joy. I love you guys.

    Laurie in Ca.