Monday, May 26, 2008

Responses to the "How to Juggle" post

Well, today's been okay. Hahaha. So far I've been to work, come back, finished two articles, rummaged up another (so I didn't have to write a third), tried for an hour and a half to get Oceana to sleep (75 mins of crying... GEEZ!), and made scones. Nope. I'm not supermom. I'm coping. Thank you! Hahaha. I managed to bake, but ignore the dishes, aren't I talented? Shhhh....

I guess the issues brought up are a bit rough, because everyone has their opinions. Some of the suggestions are great, but won't work for the moment.

I'd love the kid-swap. That would be perfect. But I just moved 6 weeks ago. I used to kid swap - well, more like Oceana-fobbed-off, because I don't ever remember watching Margo's kids - but I am in a new neighborhood and church. We don't have the youth group anymore - that's back where we used to live, an hour away. So while those girls would have clammered over one another to come play, two hours of driving to retrieve them isn't worth it. Especially at $2 a litre for gas. No, I'm not kidding. That equates to about $6.40 USD/gallon for gas. I wish I was kidding.

The only other people I know who have kids - I don't know very well. The people I know very well are pregnant. Late pregnant too - so you don't send your crazy 2 year old to a 9 month pregnant woman and expect her to still be awake or alive for that matter in 3 hours. In the future, we're hoping that the office will have a nanny or we can have a nursery in the office, and then share the childcare in the office - as there will soon be 4!!! kids with both parents working for volunteer organizations, and another whose mum will be working with us (Dad works crazy hours, so I expect Baby D will be at the office, as his dad probably has to sleep strange hours).

Housework. Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one who fights that one. I'm not the only one who does a LOT of housework. But I refuse to discuss that "housework sharing" subject on a further on here.

For the time being I'm gonna have to learn to work from home. I just had two deadlines in two days and then had the meeting I had planned fall through because our director had a blood pressure flare up overnight - so no meeting.

On that note. I'm off to deliver chocolate and scones to the office (chocolate for my husband, scones for anyone else) and then take the car in for its inspection. How exciting. Oh, but it is - the inspection place is walking distance from the department store... :)


  1. Missed the chance to post on the last one..I work from home full time with 2 little ones under 2...very difficult. I generally work 1/2 my hours in the daytime and the other 1/2 on the evenings & weekends. The main two things I've found that make it work are #1 sleep schedules #2 daily schedule. Of course, in a perfect world these two things would work perfectly everyday...not the case. But at least it give me a few days a week that I get everything done. So for #1 Buy (or borrow) the book "Sleeping Through The Night." It is GREAT! I've ready others, but think this one has the best method. It's a HUGE PAIN to get them sleep trained, but once they are it's is SOOO WORTH it. Both of mine go to bed at 7:00 p.m. and sleep until 6:30-7:00 a.m. They both take 2 naps a day 45-1 hour long each. They do this all without whining or crying. ***ONLY after they were sleep trained. NEVER before. So if you can get your little one to go to bed early then you can get work done & spend time with your husband in the evening. For #2 I try to do the same thing everyday--when possible as schedules/events change sometimes--but after I put my kids down for their nap I do a load of laundry, pick up toys, etc...then do a straight 1/2-45 min of work. I also let them watch Sesame Street for 1 hour, that lets me get more laundry/housework/work done. But in my daily schedule I also try to put fun things in, like purposely schedule "play time" or "outside" time for the kids, otherwise I feel like I don't play enough with them. It's difficult for me to follow the schedule, but at least it's a goal to work for each day. Usually I get it right about 2 days a week...the other days I feel like a crazy woman chasing two monkeys around. It's extremely difficult to be a stay at home mom, but when you have to mix work into it, it's even harder. But I wouldn't trade it for the world, I LOVE being home with my kids & on the hardest days I just tell myself that when they're 14 and rolling their eyes at me, I'll be wishing for these crazy days...Good Luck!

  2. Ok..... Sounds like a BLAST!!!! LOLOL

    You are doing great. You have to learn where YOUR balance is. IT will come. Give yourself a break. You've been VERY busy in your life recently. As I've told my mom when she says why aren't the dinner dishes cleaned.. (by the way I'm 42 and living at home with my 2 teenagers and mom and dad.... Heath reasons.... long story. lolol) I tell her the dishes didn't have the best day.... but my children wanted to tell me about theirs! :) You can't go back to a moment where your children will be going nuts.... to tell you something. You can however pick up the dishcloth and do the dishes at anytime.

    Love your sweet Oceana.... play with her, sit with her.... trust me they will remember when they get older what mommy and daddy did. As for hubby.... taking him his chocolate and taking care of him is also important but you both are busy people. I commend you on the volunteering... I wish I could do more of it. I do what I can when I can.

    For now...... I will say a prayer for you today and each day to come for you to reach your "Balance" in your life. God will put you right where HE wants you to be.... IN ALL things God will provide... (even those dirty dishes and clothes. LOLOL)

    Don't sweat the small stuff. You are doing fine. A mother's work is truly NEVER done, but it is the most rewarding when you see them accomplish things in their lives.

    Enjoy life.... don't let it pass you by.

    Email me anytime..... I'm in florida

  3. Well the famous saying 'THIS TOO SHALL PASS " only really helps us that have already gone thru it !!My baby is 21yrs . now !! Hope having Havalah with you will be a hugh blessing for all. You put a smile on my face so many mornings...thanks.
    Christin's mom