Monday, May 26, 2008

A quick thought

20 and 21 is just not mature enough to NOT have a cake fight at your wedding.
It wasn't until the [cheese]cake was 10 inches from my face that I thought, "Oh no! He's gonna slime me!"

And I was not one to let the deed go unpunished. I mashed in an upward motion - in other words - icing up the nose.

YUP. I'm a grown up. Really. But I think my friend's sister Kerri wins. She and her husband were chasing each other and throwing handfuls. The pictures (c/o Debbie and Dave) were hysterica!!!
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  1. what a beautiful bride!!

  2. Oh you crazy kids. :) Cute pictures, though, and fun story.

  3. What is with the smashing of cake on the face? Josh did that to me at my wedding remember? On my honeymoon I had a huge acne problem from the icing of the cake! I WAS SO MAD!! But its ok, you are right, they were great pictures :-)

    Susie I have a terrible sunburn! Any suggestions?

  4. Hahahaha...too funny! Really cute pictures!