Monday, May 5, 2008

My wedding rings

Nope, I don't wear my rings on my right hand. The pictures are taken towards a mirror so you're getting opposite (as in a mirror) but then there's a photo so it turns out opposite again. In other words. They're on my left hand.

But in Europe they're worn on the right. And it's like guys wearing their earring on the wrong side if you wear them on the left. Interesting... Learned this when we met our Dutch friends the Bosch's.

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"Post-wedding customs

In some countries (UK, other Commonwealth nations, Japan, Korea, Ireland, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Chile, Italy, France, Sweden, and Slovenia), the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. This choice of finger relates to traditions purportedly dating to classical times, from an early usage reportedly referring to the fourth finger of the left hand as containing the vena amoris or "vein of love"[4]. At least in part due to this tradition, it became acceptable to wear the wedding ring on this finger. By wearing rings on the fourth finger of their left hands, a married couple symbolically declares their eternal love for each other. This has now become a matter of tradition and etiquette in these countries.

In other countries such as Germany,Norway,Greece, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, India, Colombia, Venezuela, and Poland, however, it is worn on the right hand. Orthodox Christians and Eastern Europeans also traditionally wear the wedding band on the right hand. Jewish couples wear the wedding ring on the left hand, even though it is placed on the right hand during the marriage ceremony. In The Netherlands, Catholic people wear it on the left, all others on the right; in Austria, Catholic people wear it on the right. In Belgium, the choice of hand depends on the region of the country. Greek people, many being Orthodox Christians, also wear the wedding rings on the right hand in keeping with Greek tradition. A traditional reason to wear the wedding ring on the right hand stems from Roman custom. The Latin word for left is "sinister", which in addition to this sense also has the same senses as the English word. The Latin word for right is "dexter", a word that evolved into "dexterity". Hence, the left hand had a negative connotation and the right a good one."

- Taken from Wikipedia "Wedding Rings"


  1. Hey Susie I don't see a picture. Maybe it's just my computer but just thought I'd let you know!

  2. Hmmm...they wear them on the left in Holland and Germany; but in France and in the UK (I come from both) wedding rings definitely live on the right hand!! Interesting!
    Susie, I have tagged you for a meme... please feel free to 'pass' if you're not that way inclined, but I find those things a nice way to talk about myself without having to give away too much if I don't want to.
    Hope you don't mind.

  3. Well I would have to disagree! I was born in France and lived there until I was 20 (now live in the States) and we wear our wedding rings on our left hand...Not that anyone cares...