Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Time for A Worldless Wednesday With a Twist via American Mum.
And the worldless was waived. With that said...

In the words of Julie Andrews
"These are a few of my favourite [orange] things!"

A little girl in her first princess dress

Easter Sunrise


Fijian Hibiscus - also called "plant I didn't kill".
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  1. Nice pics... I especially love the second one of her in her princess dress... WATCHING a princess (or a princess-in-the-making) on the t.v. Melts my heart. :)

  2. Pretty princess in orange!

    About cif(jif) I've noticed that with a few other things too where they change one here we have TK Maxx. crazy!

  3. What a cute little dress! I'm sure she loves being a princess!

    And that Hibiscus is gorgeous, I love the colors!!

    Love, Dana in Virginia

  4. nothing like a little girl and her princess dress! i have boys, I wouldnt know of the thrill. sigh. : ) she looks darling in it!

    i love the pic of the flower, very beautiful.

  5. Pretty pictures!!

    Did you make Oceana's dress? I LOVE that color!

  6. i love that she's watching cinderella IN her princess dress :) i love that movie. and the hibiscus... oh my... totally gorgeous

  7. what an amazing sunset God gave you. I always appreciate those little reminders of the care taken in even painting a sunset or a sunrise. Glad you joined Rachel's WW!

  8. Awesome color to choose and what great photos to go with it.

    Oceana looks great in the dress :)

    I'm glad your all moved in and back to blogging.

  9. I love orange! And Oceana looks beautiful in it. love the sunrise/set pics - stunning!

  10. oh susie!!! did you make the Princess dress??? hee hee...I LOVE IT!!! :)
    I actually wanted an orange dress for SR. Prom many years ago...crazy yes, but unique:) and the flower...gorgeous photo....:)

  11. Oceania is pretty much Elyse as a blonde haired version. Elyse has this (too expensive) Belle dress from the Disney store. She wears it everytime she watches any princess movies. She's beautiful, as always.

    You seem like you're being strong and hanging in there. You're doing great.

  12. Gorgeous!! I love the sunrise pictures! Well. All of them actually.