Monday, April 21, 2008

The next few days

We had a chat with our directors over the weekend and he asked us (told us) to take a break. We're going away from Tuesday to Friday of this week. I don't know about internet capabilities, but the computer will go with us. So posting may or may not happen.

The doctor agreed with me last week that I probably got sick because I had not taken a break since we lost Joshua. It's really pertinent that we have a break. And there's some other family things that need time and attention. We've let a lot of other things fall through the cracks since we discovered Joshua's diagnosis.

Someone asked [jen] what I think of when I see my wedding pictures now. I'm sort of curious... it's a loaded question. There could be a lot of answers to that. But besides all the serious things - I'll share a bit of silly stuff.

I was a wedding coordinator [sold wedding gowns] for David's Bridal stores in Rochester NY during college. I had a lot of fun, and got really "into" weddings. Haha. To this day when people start talking about weddings and dresses and all of that, my ears perk up. I got engaged about 2 weeks after I started the job, and got married that first summer I was there. I then worked up until 10 days before Oceana was born.

So when I see my wedding pictures here's a few things I think:

*I should have bought a veil, instead of being cheap and making it. The "structure" was good, but the fabric wasn't high enough quality and it looked dumpy before I ever went down the aisle.

*I should have had "more embellished" gown. I was always the one saying, "I don't want ANYTHING on my dress - totally plain!" And now I look at it, with it's same colour embroidery and 10 beads and thing... "Geez it's plain."

*I should have been stubborn with my bridesmaids when they said they refused to wear tea-length dresses. I let them get full-length dresses. But I wanted tea-length (mid calf and shorter).

*We should have skipped the boutonnière's for the guys, because they didn't wear suits. They were only wearing dress shirts and ties, so pinning a [too large] boutonnière on it made the shirt droop and the flowers break off at the stems.

*We should have made better ties. Or bought them. I was being cheap and made them. But they looked [and tied so horribly]. DSeiders can attest to that one - her husband got the worst one of the 5! His barely tied it was sewn so badly.

*I shouldn't have let stuff get to me that morning.

*I should have asked my sister-in-law Heather to be in the wedding.

*I should have sorted out getting the photos printed.

*I LOVE my flowers. [I designed and arranged them all].

*I LOVE my hair. [Sarah or Kyle & Sarah Funk on my blogroll did my hair].

*I LOV E my shoes. My husband is only an inch or two taller than me. So I searched high and low for the appropriate pair of shoes. I wasn't a fan of ballet flats at the time. I found champagne kitten-heeled strappy sandals for something like $20 at Payless!

*I was SO uncomfortable under that dress! Geez - between thigh-high stockings, heels, a longline bra and a petticoat - I was shimmying and shaking all day to make it feel even slightly comfortable. If only I'd bought the right sizes.

*I should have had Olympiada Zhurnist, the resident seamstress at David's Rochester, do my alterations. Instead I took them to a woman who was okay. But when I explained "reshaping" the waist she didn't get it. And my dress looked - ok - but not up to my standard.

*I'm so glad we had Meatballs in Red Sauce and Hot Buffalo Wings at our reception. I made a "bib" from a towel. No joke. And I sewed a piece of satin over it that said "BRIDE 7 July 2005"
HAHAHAhahaha. So funny. Will post the picture if I ever get time.

So, with all that said - please pray we have a safe trip, relaxing, and rejuvenating.


  1. Suzie,

    I thought your wedding was gorgeous! I loved your dress and never picked up on the vail until you just said something now. I doubt others think it was bad.

    I will have to e-mail you a list that I have of things that went wrong for our wedding, including but not limited to my father passing away 1 month prior. We failed to light the candles on the centerpieces at the reception. I never even noticed until it was time to cut the cake! Ha ha! No one else noticed either though.

    As for DH's tie...I didn't know that you made it, and I attributed the problems tying it to his massive neck! LOL.

    Oh well, so our weddings didn't go off without a hitch...they have lots of character though, just like us. In the end, the important part was done...we were married to the one we love. I've learned to look back endearingly at the problems surrounding my wedding and realize that in a way, it was a testing ground of things to come. Life doesn't go as planned, but it still goes. We have to be somewhat fluid in order to roll with the punches.

    Many blessings,


  2. Have a wonderful deserve it!

  3. I love your wedding pic... but with all the would have done differently talk Im sure wishing there was a picture with everyone in it so I could see what the heck your talking about... because from looking at that pic of you and Matt - everything looks gorgeous to me... As to your Columbine post... beautifully written and so true.

  4. LOL okay those were cute, i am getting married 9/20/08 and bought my dress at David's bought the whole enchilada dress (well embellished) tiara, veil, bra and slip ... only cost ..well you know .. LOL
    have a safe trip!

  5. yeah, those ties... hmmm ... that would be my fault! Never let your non seamsstress of a 17 yr old sister make the ties.... force actually.
    Sorry guys! they really were horrible....

  6. Praying you'll have a wonderful safe relaxing trip, that is well deserved. You are in my thoughts and prayers. ~Angie

  7. Hi Susie- glad you are getting away. I noticed that you were in Rochester. Elizabeth and I graduated from UR. Even smaller world. Hope you guys are doing OK. You are in our prayers.
    Brian and Elizabeth

  8. *grin* I have a bunch of those, too. I think everyone does, even those strange people who spend you know, like 75,000 on a wedding. Crazy.

    I didn't like my hair...

    Adam want's to redo our vows and everything (long story) and I'd love to plan another wedding. I have girlfriends and my sister who want me to do theirs... I'd love to be a wedding planner.

  9. Your wedding picture was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think that every bride remembers something that happened at her wedding that wasn't planned(we had a catering issue withe the food, No good backdrop to have pictures taken as all the walls in the hall were white, No bottle opener for the wine toast we did during the middle of the ceremony, OH and my FIL refused to come to the wedding! LOL) But we rolled with it and we are still here and in love 8 1/2 years later!

    Enjoy your break. I know you need it. You have been through so much and with such grace, you deserve a little me time with you and Oce and Matt.

    I also wanted to say that I still read everyday. I may not post a comment but I read your blog everyday. Hearing about Joshua and his life was so touching, but it is just as important that I know you are all right and your family is alright in light of his passing. So just know that you still have supporters and people praying for you even now as you grieve. I am still reading your thoughts and thankful that you are still sharing!

    Jennifer Bray
    Spokane Valley, WA USA

  10. Get some rest girl... don't forget to take pictures - ha! I joke :)


  11. i've been reading for a while not never posted a comment (i don't think). i was a lurker! anyway, i had to comment now because holy crap, you lived in rochester ny? that's where i'm living! that's really weird, i had never heard of rochester ny before moving here.

  12. Loved the wedding stuff, you both look amazing in the photo you posted. Nobody's wedding goes off without a hitch, you spend so much time planning one specific day. The important thing is that you married the love of your life and made your commitment to each other in front of God.

    I hope that this time off is reflective, rejuvenating and that you fully recover from being sick last week. We'll be praying for you.

    Stay strong and courageous.

  13. I am praying for rest and restoration for your family as you take some time to be together as a family.

    My wedding (almost 14 year ago) was perfect for me, someone totally imperfect! There were things that could have been different, but all in all, I look on that day and would would not change a thing about it. I married my best friend. I can remember looking in his eyes and promising my love to him for the rest of my life. I remember him watching me intently, like I was the only person in the room, making my way down the aisle. He made me feel like I was the most beautiful person in the world. I can still see everything so clearly in my mind, as if it were yesterday.

    When asked if I would do it over again, knowing so much more now than then...absolutely!

    Praying for you!

  14. I don't know what your talking about crazy girl. I thought you were the prettiest bride I had ever seen. I loved your gown! AND I WOULD HAVE LOVED TEA LENGTH know to show off my cute pregnant legs :-) anyway, love ya!! Enjoy your vacation!