Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm alive

I'm feeling okay, so long as I keep up on aspirin. Ibuprofen didn't help matters. The aspirin keeps me awake, warm, and at least down to a dull ache for my head.

I'm thinking that if I can't keep it together by tomorrow, I'll go to the doctor. I don't like running off to the doctor here in New Zealand because they all tend to be "Well... let's just wait it out. Get some rest... blah blah blah". They realllly hesitate to give antibiotics. ARGH.

But I'll go if I think I need to. I felt better this morning, and then the aspirin wore off. I was feeling crummy enough that I didn't get up and take more. I can take more in an hour and a half. :) Is it bad that I'm counting down. Oh well. I'm gonna count down.

Funny story though, it's been raining for three days straight now. One Saturday I went out and cleaned up the garden a bit. This morning (first time out in daylight) and I found three enormous vines halfway across my lawn. They weren't there on Saturday or Sunday! I'm telling you, the first thing I thought of was "Jack and the Beanstalk". Haha.

I'll get back to blogging interesting things soon.


  1. Hi, Susie, it sounds like you have a sinus infection. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad and hope you get well quickly. Do go to the doc if you still have pain when you get up (I'm not one to run to the doc at all, but if you've had this for several days, it's probably an infection, as you well know, I'm sure).

  2. *HUGS* I hope you feel better soon. It definitely sounds like you need something for this. I will be praying for you!



  3. Oh, I hope you're feeling better soon!! Nothing worse than being sick AND having a toddler...sending some prayers your way!

  4. I am glad you are alive. It sounds like a sinus infection to me, and I'm a PRO. I always have Sinusitis, esp. when allergy season hits. If I don't keep 'the gunk' flowing (decongestants are life saving) and the allergy symptoms to a 'dull roar' I can be so miserable that NO PAIN MEDS work. A great tip a friend told me once: Vick's Vapor Rub (I know it sounds strange & it smells, but it gives sinus congestion relief.) I rub it under my eyes(cheekbones), on my eyelids even...when nothing else works I plaster my face with Vick's. I hope you get feeling better soon. toodles- Sheila, NV

  5. Well I dont know if you can get this where you are but something that helps me when I get like a sinus headache plus a migraine I get Excedrin Migraine. Have you tried tylenol sinus? I think if you can get the Excedrin Migraine then you might get rid of that nasty headache. But if you still have a headache I think you probably have a nasty sinus infection. Im famous for those and they can be so bad. My husband works at a hospital and one thing that they say works for that is saline nasal spray. Just some ideas to try and help you feel better.
    Good luck and I hope you feel well soon. It stinks when you have to take care of a young one and feel so bad yourself.

  6. I feel your pain once again. I have a sore throat too and can't stand it! I read your most recent post first and then this I understand why you are sooo happy to get antibiotics. I couldn't understand why you were so ecstatic...but now I get it! I'm still in that "stick it out" mode. We'll see how long that'll last! Hope you're feeling better soon! Thinking of you and Joshua today...