Saturday, April 19, 2008

Auckland Sky Tower

On the idea of the Sky Needle.

Very very cool. From the ground.

I'm afraid of heights. And I've been forced (I was under 18 then) twice to go up to the observation deck - which is those dark windows you see just below the widest part. I just about hyperventilated. I can't see anyone making me do that again. Thanks very much, there's gotta be a coffee down on the ground waiting for me.

Good weekend. Now we gotta wash, rearrange and get back to work. For a day.

We were TOLD by our boss to take 4 days off this week and go away on a break.

Fair enough, we haven't stopped for a moment since Joshua died.

But we don't know where we're going yet, or when we're going.

And we need to get our car's wheels aligned. Can't go anywhere until we sort that out.
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  1. Come here *grin*

    Were you thinking of Woollongong? Or Walllalong? Or Warrawong?


    Seriously though, Maori is HARD to read. It definately isn't phonetic!

    I hope your time away was as relstful as possible, and not too sad. I also hope your up and coming days off are... something... whatever you need them to be. *smile*

  2. Have you been to the CN tower in Toronto, ON? That observation deck has see-thru-glass-type material for the floor, so all you see is how high you are...I'm not usually afraid of heights, but that I could not handle! I wouldn't even step on it. Just doesn't feel safe...I'm with waiting at the bottom is GREAT!

  3. you mean space needle?

  4. Hi Susie,

    Thank you for the mini vacation you gave me in pictures. I have wanted to ask you a question about your parents and brother if you don't mind. Are they coming back there or are they living somewhere else and just out during the time Joshua was with you? I don't know if it is posted somewhere previously and I missed it. I hope your 4 days off are good and rest filled ones for you guys. I am sure you really need it with all the moving and everything else that has been going on. I pray for you daily to get new strength from the Lord. This journey has really just begun for you all. I think of Joshua every day and I miss him.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  5. Great pics!! I hope you have a good 4 days off!

  6. Love your pictures!! & so glad to hear you will be getting away :) praying you will be able to get a refreshing rest.

  7. Hi,

    I've commented before but I always forget to sign in as anything. I found your blog a week or so before Joshua went to be with Jesus. I read his whole story and have followed your blog faithfully since. Today in church the children's song we sang was Colin Buchanan's "Be Strong and Courageous" and, not surprisingly, when I saw the title I instantly thought of you and your blog. (I'd never heard the song before.) I had such a lump in my throat thinking of Joshua while we sang.
    Be strong and courageous
    The Lord of the Ages
    Holds all His little ones Safe by His side
    Be strong and courageous
    The Lord of the Ages
    Holds all His little ones safe.

    I just wanted you to know you and your family have been thought about and prayed about today.

    ~Ruth, in Brisbane

  8. I saw this in the Chicago Tribune today and thought of you.,0,2677864.story

  9. I was wondering if you meant Space Needle as well? If you ever want to see the Space Needle come and stay with us (not that you can see it from our house but you can drive there easily). :) Our little girls are like two peas in a pod - only separated by thousands of miles at this point.

    I hope that you guys have a really good time away! I pray it will be rejuvinating. God bless!