Tuesday, April 29, 2008

and no..

I'm not saying that a woman with a tubal pregnancy should walk through that and die. Because that's what will happen. I should re-read what I wrote because it doesn't sound how I intended it to. What I meant was that a) abortion is wrong, but b) there are some scenarios that I cannot make a call on. I'll leave details alone, but I've been in the hospital with a friend who's tube ruptured as a result of a tubal pregnancy. It was horrible - both emotionally and physically. And I thinkt hat's one of the only situations where I'm not STAUNCH. I'll leave this subject be, because granted its important, but it's not worth arguing if I'm not going to change anyone's mind. I just wanted to draw some light to it. I don't want my blog to turn into a political rant.

The purpose of the site is a creative outlet for my grief.


  1. susie,

    this is YOUR blog. there is no need to defend yourself and your position. i appreciate your honesty and openness in your posts.

  2. I think I get where you're coming from, Susie. But instead of putting words in your mouth, I'll just state what I believe and see if that gels at all.

    ALL divorce is sin. Divorce because you are tired of being married is a sin. Divorce because your child (or you) is being beaten within an in of her (your) life is still a sin because it goes against God's plan for man and wife for life. Does that mean that you should stay in a relationship where your child (you) are at risk? NO! There is sin on the part of the abuser as well. But what is better... to break the marriage or to allow a death? That's when we thank God for Christ's sacrifice on our behalf and that He has taken all our sin upon Himself.

    ALL abortion is wrong... it is sin. An abortion because it wouldn't be convenient to have a child right now is sin. An abortion for a tubal pregnancy is still a sin. Would it be better to allow the pregnancy to continue when there is ZERO chance of survival for the baby and a very high chance of death for the mother? Or would it be better for the baby to die anyway at your hand and the mother to continue living and caring for her husband, other children if there are, and all the other responsibilities she has in God's kingdom on earth? That's when we thank God for Christ's sacrifice on our behalf and that He has taken all our sin upon Himself.

    That's life in this sinful world. As much as we may try, we're not sinless. We can't be or we wouldn't need Christ. Admitting we're sinners and powerless without Him isn't just about when we swear or cheat or steal or lie. Sometimes, really, it's when we murder, too. And it SUCKS to think that we are capable of it - but we are. And we need a Savior for the little stuff as well as the major-huge-WOAH stuff.

  3. Hi Susie - I just saw your question about finding out how people are referred to your site... now, I'm no computer whizz-kid, but I have a couple of blogs for my boys and I have a visitor counter on there called Sitemeter. Not only does it tell you how many people have visited, it also tells you which country they're from, where they were referred from, which links they clicked on in your blog, how long they spent online etc etc. I only have the basic, free version, but there's a Premier version I think, which gives you even more details. It does make me laugh sometimes though, seeing what people have typed into their search engine which somehow leads them to our blogs! Have a look - it's at www.sitemeter.com
    We still think of you so often, and check your blog every day. Take care now, with love, Alison x

  4. As someone who has sufferred a tubal pregnancy, I can't help but feel a little hurt by these comments about sin in "aborting" my baby. I've been a long time reader of this blog, and the comments and should really have just skimmed over this section. There is no nice way of dealing with the issue of tubal pregnancy, there are no winners. And perhaps it is better to say nothing at all than to mention the word "sin" in my choice to live.

    Is Suicide not a sin? If I continued my pregnancy that's what I would have been doing...

    Susie, my prayers are with you and your family always. Take care.

  5. Thank you for having the strength to let Joshua live the days God had appointed for him. God gave you and your husband the strength to do the most difficult thing and He is giving you the strength to walk this road of grief. God will honor your walk of faith in Him. may He also comfort your hearts.
    -- a blog reader in Maryland USA
    check out www.griefshare.org

  6. this is my first time to post but i have been following you/your family since shortly after Joshua was born (i did try to post one other time but i had internet issues). i just feel the need to point out that this is your blog & therefore your opinions & feelings so PLEASE feel free to post whatever is on your mind without worrying about having to explain or apologize. i happen to agree with you on abortion in general but have also learned there are no absolutes (like in the case of a tubal pregnancy - in my friends case she didn't know about it until the tube was ruptured & she came within 30 min of dying from internal bleeding) but that is not the point. its your blog girlfriend so vent, talk, express at will. this is afterall about you & your journey, everyone else can get their own blog =0).
    hope you are having a better day today.
    ~thinking about you in Kansas

  7. Ah Susie,

    I love your blog and your honesty here and I agree with you that this is not a place for political rant. However, it is your place to vent whatever is on your heart and I am one of the ones who agree with what you have to say, in love. I pray for you daily as you walk this road of ups and downs, asking God to help you find balance when needed, grace always, and hope for the future. Love you girl.

    Laurie in Ca.