Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 58

Borrowed Mum and Dad's camera for a few days. Finally have some updated pictures. Were you flipping out? I've been flipping out! I hate not taking pictures of Joshua! Oceana too, but she doesn't change so quickly these days.
It was a good day yesterday, we had a meeting in Tauranga, so again - lots of time in the car. The meeting went well, I'm all excited (and a bit overwhelmed with the ship's send off in April).
Joshua's been making noise a lot. Ok - not a lot - like half a dozen times. But it flips me out! He even woke me up in the night last night. I think he's (perhaps) a bit congested and makes noise when it's frustrating him. Although he did it last night and pooped seconds afterwards. Perhaps he's got a thing about pressure - congestion, burps, sneezing, diaper-loading - that's when he cries.

Here's the cutie pie. He's wearing his cousin Evan's hand-me-down's. Which I find funny, since Evan's six week younger than him. But that's ok - I think they weigh about the same. His mum, Matt's sister Heather, thought they had a few too many extras that Evan'd never wear. So Joshua got some brand new clothes this morning. Those overalls fit - except that they're tucked up at the cuffs about 3 inches. Haha. He's long - but not quite that long!
Thank you Heather! It's so good to see him in cutie stuff - stuff that's not SLEEPERS. I have to admit, I'm getting sick of sleepers. Oceana had all these cute rompers and dresses. Boys just have fewer options...

Haha. We heard from Dr. Schullinger - he's received the information we sent him. He'll hopefully have an answer for us in a few days.

Joshua's going to see his nurse again today. Pray for good news here. I've had Mommy-Intuition going on regarding his cele. I'm worried it might be getting worse. I don't know... it's so scary contending with his encephalocele. I never know how it's going to look... I never know when something bad's going to happen...

Our friends arrive this evening. And we have a real estate showing. ON THAT NOTE! I GOTTA GO CLEAN!
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  1. Love the overalls! Little boys in overalls is perfection, indeed.

    Hope all goes way better than you think with the nurse today. That it is good news rather than disheartening.

    And happy cleaning!! Wish I could be there to help... I love cleaning (without kids, that is! :) )

  2. ha ha ha...Oceana is soooo hilariously adorable in the video!!!! Caleb wants me to tell you to say hi to Matt for him:)

  3. Oh he looks so adorable in those overalls!!! I can't believe you received Heather's package already. I will be playing that video of Oceana over and over and over. It's so adorable! Have fun with Christina, Bryce & Miles.

  4. look at those cheeks! he certainly is filling out! it looks like he's starting to resemble Oceana more lately

  5. I'm new to your blog.

    Thank you for letting me *meet* Joshua. He's truly a miracle and I feel privileged to be a witness. I love seeing him getting plump and his skin looks so creamy and soft in this latest picture!

    Birth in the U.S. is insane (I'm a doula) and I was so glad to read about Joshua's birth and was particularly impressed that you went right home. I was with a friend who did that and was also with her through another of her births when her daughter was stillborn at term. I've always known that in other countries, Pitocin is used properly, but I had no idea that doctors would take steps to encourage a breech birth, which made perfect sense in Joshua's case.

    Sometimes I read blogs and feel a connection with the author, like we're friends already or would be best friends if we met. I feel that way toward you.

    I LOVED your story about the sling, too. I can imagine your thoughts and then the relief and let-down of them being simply interested in your sling.

    My prayers are with you all!

  6. I just want to eat him up!! He is sooo darn cute!!! And those fingers, I love his hands!!!

  7. I have not been on in a few days and was looking at this post when my five year old walked in the room and saw the adorable picture of Joshua in his overalls.
    I was afraid I might have to try and explain why Joshua is so special but it seems my son already knew!
    He excitedly said," Hey mom! Who's that baby? Oh I like him, he looks very nice! What is his name?" So I told him his name.
    He then exclaimed, "Oh! Joshua! What a nice baby!" ... then went off to play with no mention as to why his head looks a little different. He didn't even seem to notice! Out of the mouths of babes! You have a beautiful family, thank you for sharing with the world.
    -Praying in CA