Friday, February 1, 2008

??? Questions ??? 5

Do I choose clothes that are easier to get over his 'cele?

Yes. Definitely. I put his onesies on from the bottom. His bottom is skinny enough that this is possible. I put him in a lot of sleepers. Though today we were given a bunch of "clothes" as opposed to sleepers. I'm looking forward to those! And they're preemie sized, so hopefully they'll fit him right. :) I'm excited. If he weren't asleep right now I'd be trying them on him. But if I wake him up he'll want to eat again!

I tried once to put a sleeper on over his head (it was only open at the top and bottom) and decided never again. I think it might be a bit easier now that his cele is wrapped so well - but I'm still scared to try it.

I can change him by myself - I've gotten used to it. The first few times, I felt I needed extra hands. But now I've learned that I can roll him to the sides, or lift his body and leave his head laying down.

I put his hats on like a glove. I hold onto his head, slide the whole hat over the cele and my hand and the lay him down and pull my hand out slowly.
Onesies go on from the bottom, up to the chest and then I put in one arm at a time. From there I can readjust the top so it covers his shoulders.
Pants, diapers, etc aren't so hard. That's just normal.
Sleepers. I put his left side in and then roll him over slightly and pull the sleeper under him to the right side. Or I can also just lay him down on an open sleeper and go from there.
Shirts only go on if they can come from the bottom up.

I'll have to get some video of how we pick him up and hold him. I'm sure it makes you wonder.


  1. Susie, I'm a total stranger to you, but I read your blog several times a day and feel like we could be good friends. I was wondering if people wanted to send things to you & your family, would we send it to the address you have listed on the front page, or is that just for money? I can't be of much monetary support (Im a stay at home Mom too) but thought it'd be fun to send you some US fun. I certainly don't expect you to post your address or anything, so if the church link won't work is there another means?

    I agree with whoever said in their comments it's nice to know you're human! I would die w/o my 1yo's two naps a day. But sometimes when I'm not feeling very mommy-like I remember you and Joshua and suck it up! You're an inspiration to a lot of women you don't even know!! =)

  2. Love your blog, as always, it's my favorite spot to visit. Even your random midnight postings. I hope you are doing okay. And I love orange!

  3. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your miracle boy with the world. The video of his sweet hiccups blessed my heart and helped me to see God in action tonight. ;)

    He's precious!