Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 48

Joshua's doing good today. His bandages were a bit mucky - but definitely better than before. His nurse hasn't said anything about infection. She would if it was an issue. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to keep supplementing with formula or trust that the Fenugreek is enough and feed Joshua more often. I'm slowing down on the pumping and just letting him feed - because I think my supply will go up quicker that way. Still worrying about that. I have enough formula for one more bottle. Not sure what I'm going to do.
He's going in to be weighed on Tuesday - so we'll see if he's gaining well.

*Because sometimes you just have to give in to the nap*
Oceana fell asleep on the arm of the couch. The blue on the right side of the screen is my computer chair. She was standing on the arm and pulling on me while I was blogging. I kept ignoring her and then realized after a few minutes that she was quiet. And this is what I discovered. She was out too! I carried her all the way to the back of the house to lay her down. (She took a nap in my brother's room because I wanted to clean her closet out!) Goodness knows I don't get much cleaning done when she's awake....
What did your evening look like? I was working on a coloring book for Marine Reach Ministries Pacific. Those are a few finished pages on the couch. And Joshua watched Daddy playing Wii. Notice again - work getting done because Oceana's asleep.
He's getting long. He's fitting bigger clothes - but purely on a length basis. They'd slide off him if I held him up. You may notice that stuffed dog in a lot of photos - I've discovered it's the PERFECT head prop. :) Thanks Ellen for the gift. Oceana's always handing it to me insisting I play "bunny" for Joshua. She's convinced the dog is a bunny because her's is a pink bunny. No matter how many times we insist it's a dog - Nothing doing! She's not stupid! Haha! I'm sure she thinks we're lunatics some days. Haha. And yes, there are that many coffee cups strewn around our house...There's another behind his chair and another next to the couch. Sick huh? NO! THEY ARE NOT ALL MINE!
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  1. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I'm praying against any further infections.

    Oce's adorable! It's amazing how they really can sleep anywhere, isn't it?!? LOL.

    I have 2 coffee cups floating around my house at any given time. 1 for me and 1 for Hannah. Yes, she gets up and has a cup of coffee in the morning with me. I'm lucky to have had my coffee before it's re-heated for the 4th time! LOL

    Lots of love,


  2. Still praying for your baby boy.


    I am glad to hear, that J. and rest of your family are doing good.

  3. Suzie,

    I really love the pic of oce, it so toooooo cute. I am happy to hear that Joshua's dressing are not as saturated as before, since he had staph before is your nurse going to do wound cultures every so often, to check? I will keep praying for more wonderful days with your sweet baby boy

  4. Matt, Susie, Oceana and Joshua,

    My name is Jeff, and I am a good friend of Dahvede's (Havalah's boyfriend). I just want you to know that I have been following along on your blog and praying for you all and for Joshua. I am also amazed at your faith through all of this. Praise God for Joshua and the blessing he has been for the family. I will continue to pray for you all and for continued faith and trust in God for his provision. Stay strong.


  5. Aaahh! Sleeping children. I get the most done in the shortest amount of time when my kids are sleeping. Otherwise it's hit or miss with my chores. Mostly miss. :)


  6. So glad to hear that Joshua is doing well - and you're right, he is so very long!