Thursday, January 31, 2008

An Unscheduled Post

Anonymous Pamela said...

"This is what I remember from that year at Elim. First of all, Matt told me he wasn't going back to Elim in the fall. I remained somewhat calm and said okay, all the while praying "OK God I trust you know what you're doing". Then the week before he was to return, he told me, "I have to go back". We quickly got his things together and got him there that weekend. What a relief!!! When he came home for Thanksgiving break, he announced that he was leaving Friday and going with a friend to visit another friend in Vermont. Dad said that only meant one thing...a girl! I remember him bringing you home to meet us over Christmas break for a few days before putting you on a train to your family. I instantly fell in love with you and loved the way you made yourself feel at home here! You have been my answered prayers for my son. You are so "God ordained" perfect. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope this comment wasn't too long. I love you sweetie."

I wanted you all to see this. I know not everyone reads the comments, and this one was important to me. This is Matt's mom, Pam. She is - and I say this routinely - the best mother-in-law ever. I know there's MIL jokes galore, and I can honestly say that she cannot be mocked! Mom is absolutely awesome... a real treasure to have. And the patience of a saint too.

But I had to laugh at the emphasized comment (I put in the bold). "I...loved the way you made yourself feel at home here!" I want you all to know - that the first time I went to visit Matt - I got sick. Horribly, disgustingly sick. I laid on the couch (in Dad's spot no less!... Dangerous for the bravest of souls) all week, with a fever and who knows what else. I barely ate, except some fantastic chicken noodle soup (that I have yet to be able to replicate appropriately!). I was so sick the first time I met her. The reason I felt so at home, was because I had a "Mommy" to look after me. It's always horrible being sick. But it's especially horrible being sick when you go to meet your boyfriend's parents for the first time. :)

I love you Mom. :)

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