Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 6

Healthy, happy boy is still with us and showing no signs of departure.
No leaking fluid in 48 hours. I am so happy about that!
He didn't want to eat a lot yesterday, but made up for it late last night and early this morning.
We're starting to think maybe we should remake a few sleepers/outfits so that it's easier to dress him. We really try to put his clothes on from his feet up, rather than over his head. This really limits what we can put on him sometimes, but we're learning quickly! He's tiny too, so most of what we do have it swimming on him.
I hadn't let myself get attached to the idea of bringing him home, so there were only a few clean blankets, socks, and clothes. There were no diapers, not a lot of clothes (only two new jumpsuits), and I never gave the pack 'n' play a deep clean (which I'm regretting right now!).
But WHO CARES!?!?!? He's here and he's healthier than we ever could have imagined. So I don't mind having to run out and buy diapers suddenly, and having to safety pin some big stuff so it fits, and having to do a few extra loads of wash. :)
Oceana seems well-attached to Joshua now. She wants to give him kisses all the time and hold his hands. This morning she got in trouble for shaking the pack 'n' play. Poor Joshua probably thought it was an earthquake.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday. It's so encouraging to know that more than 10 people read this thing! Feel free to continue to leave comments, it's great to hear from you all. If you think blog-reading is addicting, try reading your blog-comments! Woohoo!

- Susie

Photos to follow in a few hours.


  1. Susie, you have an amazing family and your strength continues to amaze me day in and day out.

  2. Hello Matt, Susie, Oceana and Joshua and family - big hugs to all of you - just got the address from Marylou and then Grandpa Dennis last night - the body of CHRIST is SOOOOO BIGGGG and we are all praying with you and enjoying all you share about Joshua, Oceana, Daddy Matt and yourself.
    Praying and believing with you,

  3. Hello, my name is Christina from the Oct 06 board. I periodically check in with your blog to see how you and your family are doing. You are an amazing person and have an incredible family. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am rooting & praying for you always.

  4. That is GREAT news! We serve an awesome God.

  5. Yep I'm addicted! He is so beautiful and I pray and think of you guys constantly. Love and prayers from Alabama, Marisa

  6. I dont know if you remember earlier comment from borisav (that was my husband's acount) when I told about the day when I become sure in God.

    Maybe this is another way of showin God's strenght trow prayers from all over the world for J.!

    You are wonderful mother especially you are so young!
    Having two kids in at 22!

    Kiss for Joshua and Oceana.

  7. He is the most amazing little boy I have ever met or heard of. I am so glad he is doing so well. God is amazing and awesome. I know Joshua's work is still not done. My prayers are constantly with your family and I have shared your story with all the praying people I know.

  8. I'm reading and praying every single day =)

  9. We are thinking of you in NOrth Carolina!!


  10. 11 :) read it. Love you ALL!!

  11. This is wonderful news Susie!! WOW! I keep checking every day and am just so happy to see that he is doing better than expected. I will continue to read and keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Hi Susie, so glad to hear things are going well. You amaze me at how practical & resourceful you are, especially in your youth (evidenced by "deep cleaning, pinning, sewing, knitting..." and so on). I think you are wise and mature far beyond your age. I am so proud of you for your courage and strength. I love to read your blog.

  13. Just letting you know I read your blog and I continue to be amazed by little Joshua's strength. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. OK....this is Christina's mom...the love I feel for you guys is just over-whelming !!Susie,the way you are so honest with your writing I know God is using it ! What a blessing to have these precious days with your son . God knew you would be the best mom to show Joshua a small part of His grace and love.

  15. woot! blog comments are addicting!
    but blog stats are even more so!!! try sitemeter... you'll even get to see who's coming back for second/third visits in a day, plus a map!!! eeek!

    blog writing is super addictive too... such a great way to communicate :)