Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 23

Oceana would not hold still
She wouldn't smile and look at the camera.
We were taking passport pictures. Here's the winner.

It's been a rough morning. Last night, after the medical exam for our immigration, I left the paperwork sitting on the shelf at the doctor's office. Ugh. Of course I didn't remember where I'd left it. I thought I put it in my bag. Then in the car. Then maybe on top of the car (OH MY GOODNESS - PANIC!). But they were there this morning. Whoo. Relief.

Oceana has an ear infection - which explains her all-out grumpiness over the last few days. She's 11kg (22lbs) and 33" tall now. And just for everyone's peace-of-mind - her legs aren't bowed, she's fine! Her doctor said that it should go away before she's 5 - and if not, they'll worry about it then.

This morning, Joshua's head covers was stuck. I went to take off his hat and realized it had dried onto the cover. So I gently pulled it off and then went to take off the cover. But the cover pulled the scabs with it. I put plenty of (previously) boiled water over the cover to loosen it, but some of the scabs still came off. It's now open, wet, and exposed (on the membranes, not the skin). I'm really really scared, because I just don't know what this will mean for him. I almost called the doctor. But I decided that they'd probably have to do the same thing.

Please pray that his membranes don't get infected. It's really scary to know his brain's susceptible to more infection now. Please pray for our beautiful little boy. And for us, for peace and wisdom and gentleness while caring for him.
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  1. Praying in California.

  2. Praying very very hard. Keep us posted.

  3. praying for you in pa....

  4. Praying in New York.

  5. Praying for Joshua and for you too, Susie.

  6. Always praying...for health...for protection...for peace...for rest...for God's mercy...for the beautiful family He has created...for the paperwork. Hugs to you, Matt, Oceana and Joshua. I love you!

  7. Praying, too. When I had an open wound that I had to bandage I was instructed to soak the bandage with some sterile water when it was dried onto the wound. I know his cele isn't a wound but perhaps your doctor would OK this and provide you with some sterile water to prevent future occurances. God bless!

  8. Prayers headed your way!

    I wonder if you could coat the 'cele with vaseline or some other substance to stop it from sticking to things?

    Poor little guy! Keep up the fabulous work, mama!

  9. just wanted to say ty for the updates daily on joshua it means alot to heaher and i. we wake up and the first thing we do is check the blog and when we both come home from work we check it again. you guys are doing a great job during this hard time in your life.. and we will continue to pray for you guys.

  10. Still praying!

    P.S. Than my baby is huge, he has 9kg at almost 6 monts!

  11. We are praying too.
    This may sound like a stupid question, so ignore if it is, but could you put bacitracin or vaseline or neosporin on the scabs to keep them from sticking? (I'm not trying to give you advice, I just thought of it, so ...)

    We are praying hard for you guys.

  12. praying for you.


  13. We are praying for you here in IL. God bless, stay strong!!

  14. It's me again! I love picture #2...even though she looks like she's pouting, her eyes are so beautiful in this picutre. A perfect mug shot for a passport.
    I just want to pick her up and hug her.