Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 18 ****pictures****

And the pictures have returned. Ak! I have definitely missed posting his pictures!

So here he is!

I definitely did not pose this picture. I just found him with his little hand under his chin. Too cute!
A rare picture of Oceana responding to "Oceana, smile!" She's always smiling, but never when I'm wanting to take a picture. Joshua's duck is in his lap. I found a pattern, and since ducks are a favorite of Oceana's, I thought Joshua needed one too.
First day sitting up (yesterday). He stayed awake for 3 hours sitting! I guess laying down makes him bored, so he just sleeps on and on. But last night, from 5pm-8pm he was awake and looking around. I'm still not sure how much he can see, but he seemed to be interested in having his eyes open. :) He looks so cute sitting up like this. I built a little pillow platform behind him so he's not putting pressure on the 'cele.
Again, totally didn't pose this. Again.... toooooo cuuuuuute!

He's doing great this morning. He slept through the night again. I tried to feed him at 2am, but he wasn't in the mood to wake up. So he got to sleep through. :) I feel pretty good now that I had a good night of sleep. Oceana slept through too. Oh glorious!
Joshua's been doing the two week shed - all his skin is dry and peeling. Poor baby! He's getting lotion or oil twice a day and he's still flaking. But again - he's not bothered by it. It's only me who's bothered by it. He's also got a bit of baby acne. But it's not nearly as bad as Oceana's was. She turned all red for three weeks. I was about to take her for her first pictures, but had to wait and wait and wait because I didn't really want to document her teenage-boy acne phase. Poor thing.

Just a few interesting things about Joshua:
He has brown hair (no one in our families had brown hair as a baby. It's light, but definitely not blonde.
He has more hair than Oceana - one really big curl at the back of his head, at the begining of the 'cele.
He has blue eyes. Oceana did too, but hers turned a mossy green.
He has my nose and mouth (apparently). I hear it almost every time someone looks at him.
He has long, slender piano fingers.
He has long, thin feet too.
He's got an outie bellybutton.
He's so skinny that he has extra skin all wrinkled up on his legs.
He has one wrestler's ear and one elf ear.

So full of character, so perfect. :)
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  1. Jamie~Mommy of 2 from MichiganJanuary 24, 2008 at 3:44 PM

    How precious!?!?! I love the pic of him in his bouncer! Little chicken legs =) ADORABLE!! I am sooo happy for you! You are truly blessed! Oh I just want to kiss and hug him...he is just sooo cute!! I am so jealous!! God Bless!

  2. Oh is he ever delightful? He looks soooo much like you in that first pic! He has the most adorable mannerisms. Oceana looks so proud of her little bro.

  3. So precious! Thanks for sharing! Both my kids have one elf ear too! Gotta love it!

  4. christina taylor & famJanuary 24, 2008 at 5:27 PM

    these are really adorable, defenitly worth the wait for pictures!! It was good to see a pic with his eyes open, those pictures are so rare to get in those early infant days... i remember Miles were always closed, well at least it seem so. Goood good photos, soo good to hear you are gett some nights of sleep, PTL!

  5. These pictures are absolutely adorable!!! But then again I'm partial. Sounds like you're feeling okay. Are you feeling good yet? Love to my very precious family...each and every one of you. Mom

  6. The cutest little boy I have ever seen :) My LO still hasnt filled out the skin on her little legs either, the little folds are cute :) Im glad Joshua and Oceana slept so well for you and all is going good.

    Such a precious pair of little angels you have I am so happy for your family and as always I am in constant prayer.

    God Bless

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures-- he is definitely an adorable little boy. Joshua the Conquerer...ready to take on the giants!!! :) Love you all!

  8. Woohoo for pictures! Your kids are adorable and I love getting to see them!


  9. The "posed" pictures are too cute! Love them! Gotta love finding them in such adorable positions and then making a dash for the camera in time to catch them too!