Sunday, January 27, 2008

3 weeks old

I decided to let Joshua sleep through - 10:30pm to 7:30am. I woke him up at 7:30. I think he must be one of those babies we all hope and pray for - but never see! :) My sister apparently slept through the night at 2 weeks and another blog reader assured me her daughter slept through at 3 weeks. It's good to know it's not detrimental to him. It's so much work to get up in the night, wake him up, only to realize he's in no mood to eat and won't even wake up.... So he gets to sleep. And I do too.

The more sleep I get, the more I feel exhausted. What??? I've had three nights of good sleep in a row - and I'm mored tired now than I was before the 3 good nights. I'm convinced my body is realizing how much it likes sleep, and having gotten some good sleep, is making me tired so it gets more. Blah. Maybe I'll just go back to being up all night and taking no naps - coz I feel less tired then.

These pictures are actually 4 days old, but he's not doing anything interesting this
morning - ie. he's asleep again - so you get old CUTE pictures. I love seeing him with his eyes open. He's so cute. I have a hard time with his pictures because the pictures I post rarely look like him (as I see anyways). But these pictures are prett close. Some of the pictures make his face look strange, but these capture the shape of it, as well as some of his normal expressions.

Both have a semi-puckered-up look, and the tongue's poking out. That's definitely Joshua. He stares off into oblivion a lot. I think babies do this normally, but I'm thinking he may have more issues with his sight than I first thought. I was watching yesterday, with him about 4 or 5 inches from my face and he doesn't focus on anything. Sometimes he seems to look right at me, but more often than not - just over my shoulder at nothing in particular. But he does react to light. So maybe he can see shapes or colors, but nothing definitely. He turns his head toward me if I turn him away from me - but that could be more because he can smell the milking-shed. :)
A friend came by last night with a bassinet. A proper, cane, wheeled bassinet that fits through the doors! Yay! Ours is attached to the top of our pack 'n' play and the PNP doesn't fit through the doorways. So we have to take the thing halfway down to get it through the door, out of our room, and into the living room. Blah. So this is GREAT! It fits in the living room better too - the pack and play had to go in front of the patio door. Every time the door needed to be opened the baby had to be moved. We'd resorted to putting him on the coffee table (its a big, high table) during the day in his chair, his carseat, or on his sheepie. But this way Oceana can't come along and poke him or steal his socks. I'm serious - the girl is a sock-nabber!

So for his 3 week birthday, I think I'll make cupcakes or something. We're running out of butter, so it's gotta be a non-butter recipe. Darn. No cookies. Crisco doesn't exist in New Zealand. Excuse me while I cry....
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  1. He's wonderful and beautiful. He looks like he has big hands and feet for his size. It might just be a trick of the camera. I don't know. Happy 3rd week Birthday, Little Man!


  2. Hi Susie!

    He's such a beautiful baby! I've been reading for a few days and want to let you know I am praying for you and your family. I had a baby I had to give up for adoption many years ago and I only had 5 hours with him. The Lord has blessed you so much with giving you the gift of time with this wee one.

    Love in Christ,

  3. Happy three week birthday, joshua!! Aunt Heather loves you so much! ps. wanna share one of your cupcakes with me? :P

  4. The way you describe his vision reminds me of my nephew who had cortical vision impairment. Sometimes his eyes and his brain "talked" i.e. he could see and other times they didn't. So sometimes he would follow colors and brightness and other times he would just "stare".

    I'm loving the pictures, he's so darn cute! I envy your knitting skills. I've tried to learn to no avail. I stick to counted cross stitch to keep from biting my nails. :)

  5. Happy three week birthday Joshua! God has given us more than we could have ever imagined. Love and kisses from Gramma.

  6. I am praying for you and your family to have strength.