Saturday, November 10, 2007


Oshee-Bean is one of many nicknames our daughter has ended up with. I am the worst with nicknames - I will stick ANYONE and EVERYONE with a nickname. In fact I've named Keryn, a girl in our youth group "Carebear" and a friend from college Chachee (like the show!) (named Jalit - pronounce Jah-leet). Oceana was "doomed" to have funky nicknames from the moment she was conceived. She's been called Oshee, Oce (which is pronounce like Oshee... but without "ee"), Oshee-Skoshee, Chicky, Chicky-Bean, Oshee-Bean, Poo-bum (only at times when she is!), Stinky (same as the last), Pumpkin, Chinchilla (like the small monkey), Monkey, and Oshee-Baby.
Is the nickname thing out of hand? I think so. Most of the time though she is Oshee.
Also - the above photo - we don't look alike. We're white and blonde. But beyond that she is a female-Matthew. Her personality on the other hand - hmm.... who would be the "social butterfly" out of the two of us? If you guessed Matt you're on crack.
This is a picture from our 4 day vacation last month. We were staying with friends who had consistant bed-times for their three girls and their lives seemed so much easier. So we tried out their theory and let her cry for about 20 minutes. And since we're paranoid, when we went to check on her (when the noise finally subsided) we found her asleep like this. Neither of us had the guts to lay her down, for fear she'd wake up. So when she finally did wake up from the nap she had these horrible red marks on her cheeks where she's laid her head on the bars the entire nap. But she sleeps consistantly now. 8pm-6pm and usually a 1-2 hour nap in the early afternoon. Life is simpler when you know you have time after 8pm.
Unfortunately I hate getting up at 6am, but not more than my husband. Oh well. One of these days I'm gonna roll over and tell him he can go get the baby coz I ain't moving. Notice that I'm posting at 7:30am, and we've been up an hour and a half. Oh for the day that Saturdays and Sundays meant I could sleep allllll morning.
Oceana on the trampoline. There's videos of this too, which are hysterical. But I don't feel like tying up the computer/internet that long to upload a nearly 1-2 minute video.

She is a real card. Whatever that means. She has personality up the Wazoo. :) And she talks and tells you all about what she wants. Ie. "Wuh-bis?" (Weetbix? - breakfast cereal) "Duh" (done - get me out of my highchair please!) "Poo" (Pee, but trip to the potty either way) "Baboooo" (Baboo - grampa's name) "Dehdee" (Where's daddy? Answer: He's still sleeping!)

And just now I had to leave this post because I heard my dad say, "Oh no! What did you get into?" With a horrified sound to his voice. She had discovered my waterproof mascara in my purse. And painted her face. And the babydoll. And the new carpet.
She's only been up 90 minutes and managed to eat 2 weetbix, several pieces of orange, eat the heads of 4 or 5 stick matches, pee on the floor (because she was refusing to sit on her potty), dump out two games with small pieces, and now paint the nice carpet with WATERPROOF mascara. I might sell her by 10am if we keep this us. Or else Daddy better get up and save her!
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  1. I love your sense of humor! I so get it!! :)

    I don't think we know each other, though Kristi (Hinton) is both of our friend. She was really surprised when I told her I don't think I have ever met you. I am so glad that Tarah Goodson posted a link to your blog - I have enjoyed reading your posts. You crack me up!

    I want you to know that I am praying for you guys. Thanks for posting updates - it helps to know how I can pray.


  2. Wow this was such an adventerous post. You guys( all of my friends with children) have been the factoring cause of my moving up in ht eyears to wait having children, I went tfrom 1 year then well maybe we will wait 3, then after a few stories like this one I think I might be at 25, just kidding It's so great to hear updates on oshee! Love you guys tell matt he said hi and wishes thay could watch a monday night game together:-)

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Susie I love reading your blogs!! I love the picture of her in the crib. It cracks me up!! She looks like such a little girl in the picture of the two of you. and you're right, she is female matt. miss you all so much!!! keep the posts coming!!

  4. Oh I love these pictures!!! I laughed so hard at the one in the crib at nap time. That's my favorite story to tell. I'm so glad to hear she's sleeping...I prayed everyday for that.